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Koi Organizations

Atlanta Koi Club

Promotes Koi keeping, breeding, exhibiting, and disseminating of information about the carp breed.

Australian Koi Association

Provides information and related topics for owners, lovers, and enthusiasts of the Koi carp breed.

BKKS Ireland Section

Offers an online venue for hobbyists to discuss Koi-related topics.

Camellia Koi Club

Displays calendar of events, meetings, newsletters, shows, and photos.

Canada Koi Club

Non-profit organization that promotes facts and widens the hobby of Koi keeping and breeding.

Charleston Showa Koi Club

Shows an overview of the association’s activities and Koi show competition events in the region. Contains articles on raising the aquatic pets.

The Dallas Koi Kichi Group

Educational organization that focuses on keeping, breeding, and exhibiting Koi carps.

Florida Koi

Venue for keepers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts to share their hobbies, suggestions, and recommendations about the Koi breeds.

Genesee Valley Pond and Koi Club

Shows the association’s published newsletters on Koi keeping, how to feed them, and pond construction.

Greater Louisville Koi and Goldfish Society

Presents details about the organization with events calendar, gallery pictures, shows schedule, and featured articles.

High Desert Koi Fanciers

Presents club officers, members profiles, application procedures, meetings, and events held by the group.

Inland Koi Society

Devoted to Koi and pond enthusiasts with upcoming events, members and officers’ list, constitution and by-laws, pond tours, and seminars.

Koi Society of Australia

Includes news updates, show classes, membership profiles, council, and forums.

Malaysian Koi

Highlights the Malaysian-based discussion forum with Koi topic, books, and mailing list.

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