Pet Fish and Aquaria in the Best of the Web Directory

Pet Fish and Aquaria

Presents a database of freshwater and marine fish, with articles on maintaining aquariums, health and breeding.


International ornamental fish and accessories event featuring exhibitions, competitions, and special activities.

Aquarium Advice

Message boards devoted to the maintenance and care of pet fish and their habitats.

Contains a list of species on video. With links to related sites.

Disseminates information and understanding on aqua-related activities and hobbies for fish keepers and aquarists.

Aquatic Community

Features information about keeping and caring for fresh and saltwater and tropical aquarium fish.

Badman's Tropical Fish

Provides information on how to set up and maintain a successful aquarium. With links to related sites.

Breeding Tropical Fish

Provides access to information and images of aquarium species. With links to related sites.


Discuss saltwater and freshwater fish and aquariums. Share pictures and videos, enter contests, view fish profiles, and more.

Fish Geeks

Provides fish-related information along with FAQs, article readings, encyclopedia, and community forums.

Fish Information Service Aquatic Plants Mailing List

Intended to be a venue for information exchange among growers of this type of flora.

Fish Link Central

Link directory to sites relevant to fish care.

Fresh Fish is Fixe

Provides information on tank volume calculation for aquarium hobbyists. With links to related sites.

Index to Information About Tropical Fish, Goldfish, Aquariums, and More

Contains information and advice about the hobby.

Information and forums relation to fish, fish tanks, and supplies.

Murphy's Fish in a Barrel

Provides information about alternative aquariums.

Discussion page on fish tanks and aquarium-related resources with members’ database and topic threads.

Pet GoldFish

Presents articles, videos, gallery of pet fish pictures, calculators, and forums.

Tim’s Tropicals

Provides freshwater and seawater facts, fish care, discussion forum, and aquarium maintenance.

Tropical Fish

Offers general information about raising tropical fish, along with detailed profiles on different species, and advice on maintaining an aquarium.

Tropical Fish Centre

Provides information on maintenance and perseverance needed to start an aquarium.

Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Provides information on anatomy, water chemistry, species, diseases, food and breeding.

Wet Web Media

Reference source, provided by author Robert Fenner, offering an archive of readers' questions, articles, and photos.

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