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Contains sites about pet fish and aquaria. Find fish health advice, fish keeping organizations and details of different fish species suitable for being kept as pets.
  • Aquadiction

    Online resource for all aquatic information, including articles as well as a platform for hobbyists to buy and sell their aquarium livestock online.

  • Aquarama

    International ornamental fish and accessories event featuring exhibitions, competitions, and special activities.

  • Aquarium Advice

    Message boards devoted to the maintenance and care of pet fish and their habitats.

  • Aquarium Fish

    Provides access to selected online discussions. With links to related sites.


    Contains a list of species on video. With links to related sites.

  • Aquatic Community

    Features information about keeping and caring for fresh and saltwater and tropical aquarium fish.

  • Badman's Tropical Fish

    Provides information on how to set up and maintain a successful aquarium. With links to related sites.

  • Breeding Tropical Fish

    Provides access to discussion groups. With links to related sites.

  • Breeding Tropical Fish

    Provides access to information and images of aquarium species. With links to related sites.

  • Fish

    Discuss saltwater and freshwater fish and aquariums. Share pictures and videos, enter contests, view fish profiles, and more.

  • Fish Geeks

    Provides fish-related information along with FAQs, article readings, encyclopedia, and community forums.

  • Fish Link Central

    Link directory to sites relevant to fish care.

  • Fresh Fish is Fixe

    Provides information on tank volume calculation for aquarium hobbyists. With links to related sites.

  • Index to Information About Tropical Fish, Goldfish, Aquariums, and More

    Contains information and advice about the hobby.


    Information and forums relation to fish, fish tanks, and supplies.

  • Murphy's Fish in a Barrel

    Provides information about alternative aquariums.


    Discussion page on fish tanks and aquarium-related resources with members’ database and topic threads.

  • Pet GoldFish

    Presents articles, videos, gallery of pet fish pictures, calculators, and forums.

  • Fish

    Provide access to information on aquarium set-ups.

  • Tim’s Tropicals

    Provides freshwater and seawater facts, fish care, discussion forum, and aquarium maintenance.

  • Tropical Fish

    Offers general information about raising tropical fish, along with detailed profiles on different species, and advice on maintaining an aquarium.

  • Tropical Fish Centre

    Provides information on maintenance and perseverance needed to start an aquarium.

  • Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish

    Provides information on anatomy, water chemistry, species, diseases, food and breeding.

  • Wet Web Media

    Reference source, provided by author Robert Fenner, offering an archive of readers' questions, articles, and photos.

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