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This category contains information for owners and potential owners of pet Tarantulas. Details include feeding, housing, tips and advice, molting, and health issues.

Scientific information can be found in Science/Biology/Plants and Animals/Animalia/Arthropoda/Chelicerata/Arachnida/Araneae .
  • Amazing Tarantulas!

    Includes details of the specie with internal and external anatomy, gallery pictures, and other related resources provided.

  • BirdSpiders.com

    Contains various pictures of tarantula and shows an overview on the characteristics of the animals.

  • British Tarantula Society

    Displays notices on the seminars and meetings conducted by the organization and shows published materials that advocate the protection of tarantulas.

  • Creepy Spiders.com

    Features the different types of spiders with facts on their internal and external anatomy. Plus forum page and newsletters included.

  • Eight

    Information page about spiders with an overview of its anatomy and all-named species of Theraphosidae.

  • Giantspiders.com

    Includes historical background of Spiders with gallery pictures, video clips, and discussion forums.

  • Malaysian Tarantula Society

    Presents updates on the meetings and activities of the organization that aims in the conservation and protection of arachnids.

  • PetGet: Tarantula

    Blog post that includes photos and listings on different arachnid species kept.

  • Spidermans Blog

    Article page regarding the Mexican Red Knee spiders, with photos, related links, and contact details.

  • Tarantula Breeding

    Covers breeding programs and information on Tarantulas with articles and gallery pictures.

  • Tarantula Guide

    Contains guidelines on how to take care of the arachnids.

  • Tarantulas

    Source for Tarantula-related information that include feeding, housing, and handling advices.

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