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This category offers information for owners of exotic pets, particularly species of Insects.

Details include behavior, mating, and care instructions.
  • Allpet Roaches (Blattodea)

    Dedicated to roaches. Includes photos, anatomy, and brief facts about insect.

  • The Ant Farm

    Provides resource facts and photos about ants, which include message boards, FAQs, and e-mail contacts.

  • Antday

    Includes news articles, internal and external anatomy information, and photos about ants.

  • Ants as Pets

    Presents options and advice for hobbyists.

  • The Beetle Experience

    Includes gallery pictures, health care topics, and facts of the particular insect.

  • Easy Insects

    Provides care guides and facts on the different insects with pictures and news updates.

  • Insects

    Provides information on different insects with news updates, basic anatomy, and contact details.

  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa)

    University of Kentucky report on appearance, life cycle, diet, behavior, courtship, and rearing requirements.

  • My Phasmids

    Information on the stick insects with pictures, feeding and husbandry, and housing options.

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