Labrador Retriever Breeders in the Best of the Web Directory

Labrador Retriever Breeders

Acme Creek Kennels

Provides dog gallery and information, puppy facts, coat type, photo gallery, contacts, location detail, and health guarantees.

Allegeheny Ridge

Registered kennel breeder that provides health information, puppy placements, news update, shipping details, and contact facts.

Alma Bottom

Displays Alma Bottom photo gallery, newsletters, dog pages, quotes, references, policies, available puppies, and pedigree details.

Ambush Training Kennels

Know for raising hunting, obedience, and companion dogs. That includes information services, litter announcements, and photos.


Breeder’s information, with litter facts, male and female Labrador, scrapbook, and links.

Ashland Kennel

Puppy information, plus dog gallery, stud services, online video clips, photo gallery, and contact particulars.

Avokah Labs

Queensland breeder of chocolate, yellow and black Labradors provides details of the dogs, breeding program and puppies plus a section on influential dogs from the past.

Bachman Mill Farm and Shadyside Kennels

Specializes in breeding Labrador dogs, also includes photo gallery, litter announcements, and puppy details.


Story about Bainbridge, team details, photo gallery, puppy updates, newsletter, and contact particulars.

Barclay Labradors

Small hobby kennel located in North Carolina provides details of the history of the breeding program and stock, dogs, puppies, gallery and pet memorial.

Bayou Bay

Features details of small kennel located on Johns Island in South Carolina. Find details of the dogs, pedigrees, breeding program and the availability of puppies.


Breeder located in Oroville California offers details of the dogs, breeding program, pedigrees, puppies, planned litters and available dogs.

Bearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel

Small breeder of AKC registered pointing Labradors. Includes descriptions of the dogs, litter prices, upcoming events, photo gallery, and directions. Located in Larkspur, Colorado.

Beechcroft Labradors

Breeding kennel operating since 1969 offers information on an established line of Labrador Retrievers, the foundation dog imported from the UK, pedigrees, champions specialty winners, available dogs and contact information. Located in the Watchung Mountains area in Somerset County New Jersey.

Beehaven Labradors

Breeding kennel located in north central Connecticut offers details of the dogs, puppies, availability, affiliations and contacts.


Small hobby kennel located in Saskatchewan Canada provides details of objectives in aiming to produce all round Labrador Retrievers suitable for family life and hunting.

Beulah Land Labrador Retrievers

Breeder provides details of the foundation stock, champions, shows and results plus the availability of puppies.

Black Rock Kennel

Features male and female Labrador, upcoming litters, kennel links, and additional information.


Shows male and female retriever, photo gallery, links, and mailing list.


Dog information plus featured puppies and bitches, memorial page, links, and resources. [Italy].


Shows breeder's information, new litters, puppy care, male and female Labrador, gallery, and additional facts.


Featured dogs, kennel information, photo gallery, and mailing list.

Bornefield Labradors

Labrador breeder based in Auckland New Zealand provides details of the dogs, puppies, photos, experience in animal welfare and animal care and contacts.


Labrador Retriever breeders located in South Australia and Tasmania provide details of the dogs, puppies, awards, news and results.


Breeder’s and breed information, with featured litters, puppy facts, photos, and associated dog gallery.


Includes Brassbrigade information, litter announcements, adults for sale, articles, links, and mailing list.

Bridge Creek Kennel

Features available puppies, adoption policies, photo gallery, and contact information.

Brook Hill Kennels

Breeders of quality, black & chocolate, English type Labrador Retrievers.


Brief historical overview about the kennel, that includes puppy checklist, dog gallery, and affiliated links.

Brown Dog

Specializes in field breed chocolate Labrador retriever. Includes dams and sires, litter facts, stud details, and photo gallery.

California Labrador Breeders

Find details of network of private Californian Labrador breeders including information on the breeding philosophy, puppies for sale and testimonials.


Story information includes dog gallery, available puppies, and links.

Captain's Kennel

Features information on Labrador types, female and male dogs, current litters, upcoming litters, available adult dogs, photographs and brags, training and retired dogs. Located in Lake Shore Minnesota.

Caravanserai Kennels

Located in Lake Texoma, near the Red River on the Texas side. Kennel provides puppy facts, stud services, training and hunting detail, plus contact details.

Casbar Labradors

Casbar information including Labrador facts, litter details, handling services, and links. Located in Mahwah New Jersey.

C-Chase's Kennels

Tennessee kennel breeding Labrador Retriever dogs provides details of the nursery and older puppies, pedigrees and puppy information.

Cedar Hill Retrievers

Features details of professional retriever training services and kennel. Includes information on stud dogs, pups, trained dogs, facilities and photo gallery. Located in Alton Virginia.

Chablais Labradors

Labrador breeding kennel located in Saint Gilles near Quebec City provides details of the dogs, litters, youngsters, retired and past stars, news and contacts.

Chambray Kennels

Web site directory includes kennel information, programs, male and female Labradors, stud dogs, litters and puppies, photo gallery, and tribute page.

Chanpema Kennels

Labrador Retriever breeder located in McLaren Vale in South Australia presents details of the dogs, puppies, breeding program, championship titles and pedigrees.

Charm Labradors

Iowa breeders located in Garber provide an overview of the breeding program, gallery of champions, puppies for sale and information on stars of tomorrow.


Michigan Labrador Retriever breeder located in Williamsburg provides details of the dogs, current litters, litter mates, guarantee, video, available puppies, recommended food and Labrador FAQs.

Clemkirk Labrador Retrievers

Breeding kennel located in the Pyrennes Ranges in Moonambel Victoria offers information on breeding stock, puppies, advice and availability.

Cool River Retrievers

Pennsylvanian breeding kennel located in Drums provides details of dogs bred for field, trial and hunt test and the avid hunter. Includes information on litters, available puppies, stud dogs and guarantee.

Cooperslane Kennels

Canadian breeder located in Ontario offers including on male and female dogs, litters, fostering, health, news updates and contacts.

Copperkee Labradors

Small Queensland kennel provides details of the dogs, breeder registration, availability of puppies, news and awards.


Contains puppy facts, pedigree information, photos, links, and mailing list.

Cornerstone Labradors

Breeding kennel located near Upper Hutt at the bottom on the North Island of New Zealand provides details of the dogs, upcoming puppies, show results, visiting information and galleries.

Cougar Mountain

Breeders of Labrador Retrievers provide details of the dogs, breeding philosophy, program and puppies.

Courtsum Labrador Kennels

Kennel in Western Australian provides details of the history of their breeding program, past champions, retired dogs and puppies.

Cresthill Kennels

Small, family owned and operated boarding kennel that features boarding updates, breed overview, litter facts and mailing list.

Cricket Hollow Farm

Farm information, contacts, puppy updates, available dogs, kennel facts, and articles are featured in this page.

Cross Creek Kennel

Specializes in training Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and any other type of working retrievers. Includes training services, puppies for sale, and contact facts.

Crow Haven Farm

Breed information plus featured publication, news update, and contact particulars.

Crystal Kennels

Displays male and female Labrador, available litters, photo album, testimonials, and contact facts.

Cygnet Labrador Retrievers

Small hobby kennel located in Roanoke Texas presents details of the origins and objectives of the kennel, available puppies and information on raising a Labrador.

Cypress Creek

Showcases sires and dams, puppies and dogs for sale, contact facts, and updates.

Dakota TK Kennel

Find details of kennel in rural South Dakota raising Labrador puppies suitable for families and hunters alike. Includes information on dams, sires, available litters and contacts.


Puppy facts, with featured Dolphingham dogs, gallery activities, links, and contact particulars. [Italy].

Dorimor Kennels

Background information about the kennel plus dog gallery, bitches, puppies, and contact details.

Dornschatten Labradors

Photo gallery with pedigree information and litter facts.

Doukare Kennels

Presents male and female retrievers, puppy facts, contact details, links, and photo gallery.

Dove Hill

Highlights on puppies for sale, breeding programs, dog and puppy gallery, links, and guarantees.


Provides dog gallery and information, stud services, litter facts, puppy features, and quotations.

Driftway Labrador Retrievers

New South Wales breeder presents information on the history of the kennel and breeding program, puppies, dogs, hall of fame and contact details.


Contains male and female Labrador information, news update, puppy facts, pictures, and links.

Egli's Silver Spurs Kennels

Contains photo gallery, kennel information, and contact particulars.

Eichhorn Kennels

Kennel information, with puppy and bitch detail, dogs for sale, stud services, training and boarding, photo gallery, and contact facts.


Information page featuring dog gallery, plus brief kennel facts, and affiliated links.


Presents male and female Labrador, puppy facts, photos, links, and mailing list.

Fanta-C Kennel

Page content includes kennel details, male and female Labrador, puppies, links, award gallery, and additional references.


Shows historical overview, recent wins and titles, puppy facts, and mailing list.

Feather Ranch Kennels

Puppy facts, with gundog and obedience training, stud services, boarding details, map guide, photos, and mailing list.

Fischer's Kennels

Background information about the kennel, plus current news update, training and facility details, available puppies, stud dogs, and contact facts.


Small hobby kennel, breeding black and yellow Labrador Retrievers. Includes dog gallery, puppy updates, and links.


Includes male and female Labrador, show details, and contact facts.

Fortune Kennels

Labrador breeder that provides gallery of featured dogs, puppy facts, news update, links, and memorial page.

Four K Kennel

Kennel page provides show details, breed overview, puppies, planned breeding, and available pets.

Gator Point Kennels

Photo gallery with featured pedigree information, litter facts, memorial page, and links.


Historical overview plus featured puppies and Labrador dogs, references, and links.

Gunnerson Labradors

Labrador breeders located in Mansfield Victoria provide information on the dogs, puppies, stud dogs, past puppies, news and contacts.


Detailed information about the breeder, that includes male and female Labrador, upcoming litters, puppies, and links.

Harley Kennel

Small home-based family exhibitor of the Chocolate and Black Labrador. Includes puppy facts, activities, services, photos, and links.

Hartzer's Kennel

Gallery of featured information from available puppies to dog training, Labrador lists, photos, and resources.

High Point Labradors

Find details of studs, females, puppies, started dogs, the trainer, training programs, testimonials, facilities, news and contacts.

High Voltage

Page content includes puppy facts, stud details, applications, and links.

Highcaliber Kennel Perm Reg

Breed information, with photo gallery, puppy facts, and links.

Hightest Kennel

Full service retriever training center located along the Pacific Flyway region of Northern California.

Huntersbest Labradors

Canadian breeder located in Newport Nova Scotia provides details of the dogs, upcoming litters, boarding, training and facilities.

Idlewild Kennels

Small hobby kennel in Southern Tennessee that features breed information, puppy facts, photos, health concerns, and contact particulars.

III Pines

Labrador information, with kennel facts, and puppy features.

Inishfree X Ashford Castle Labradors

Litter facts, plus team information, news update, gallery, and contact particulars.

Interagro Labradors

Registered kennel club that provides stud dogs, featured bitches, news update, event calendar, official results, and links.

Ivy Spring

Presents male and female retriever, litter facts, puppy facts, photo gallery, contacts, and breeder's link.


Features kennel history, photograph album, and breeding schedule.

Kayo Kennel

Gallery of featured Labrador, with photo gallery, mailing list, and related web rings.


Breed gallery, with puppy photos, stud services, adoption facts, dogs for sale, and contact particulars.

The Kennels of Stone Creek

Kennel information plus boarding and breeding updates, news, and additional facts.

Kenya Kennels

Discusses kennel information, male and female Labrador, puppy facts, photos, and contact details, and links.


Historical information, also includes testimonials, pictures, pedigree details, and litter facts.


Breeders of black and yellow Labradors located in South Australia provide details of the dogs, puppies, show results, news and contacts.

KJlabs Kennels

Resource site containing forum page, event calendar, picture gallery, pedigree details, and mailing list.

Historical overview about the Labrador breed, with gallery of featured puppies, nutrition details, training updates, and supplies.

Labraddell Labrador Retrievers

Kennel located in Mudgeeraba Queensland offers information on the breeding philosophy and program, dogs, puppies and availability.

Labradors Unlimited

Presents breeder's information, puppy facts, training services, photo album, and links.

Labs Landing

Puppy information, with stud pages, featured services, bitches, tips, and links.

Laurel Knob

Small breeding and training kennel that features booking and boarding information, stud services, breed standard, available dogs, and links. Located in Greenville, South Carolina.

Lawson Kennel

Raising English-type labs for pets or show. Provides kennel updates, litter facts, photo gallery, and links.

Legacy Kennel

Includes dog galley and information, puppy facts, photos, references, and hunt test details.

Liberty Creek

Creek information with highlights on featured male and female Labrador, litter facts, puppy facts, links, and contact particulars.

Little River

Background information about the breeder, plus featured male and female Labrador, links, and additional resources.

Lorken Farms

Historical overview about the breed, plus upcoming litter, puppies for sale, and references. Located in Fremont, Wisconsin.

Lucifers Delight

Historical information, plus kennel facts, show results, photos, and litter announcements are provided in this page.

Mainland Labradors

Breeder located in Bellevue Washington provides details of the history of the small breeding kennel, male and females dogs, nursery, handling, news and a section on retired dog and memories.

Miandor Labrador Retrievers

Small family orientated kennel provides details of the dogs, bitches, puppies, availability, progeny and news. Located in.

Minamere Labradors

Victorian breeder located at Wallington on the Bellarine Peninsula provides details of breed standard, litters, FAQs, galleries and information on choosing a puppy.

MineFall's Kennel

Resource site containing male and female Labrador, litter facts, links, and mailing list.


Breeder's page presenting puppy details, breeding program, available dogs, references, slide shows, news, and links.

Mountain High Labradors

Covers available puppies, process of adoption, pictures and videos. Located in Reno, Nevada.

North Forty Kennels

Features kennel updates, male and female Retriever, pictures, puppies, and facts.

Oregon Kennel

Specialize in solid field bred Labrador Retrievers. Includes breeding programs, puppy facts, stud services, training updates, and links.

Outback Kennel

Hosts kennel features that include male and female Labrador, available puppies, litter facts, purchasing detail, and training update.


Small breeder located in Robinson Texas provides details of available litters, available older pups and dog including information on the breeding philosophy and AKC registration.


Breed standard, plus dog gallery, puppies page, photo gallery, memorial site, and links.


Shows news update, litter announcements, picture gallery, and pedigree facts.

Penny Royal

News update plus featured dog information, and links.

Pine Acre

Introduction information about the breeder, breeding philosophy, litter facts, and links.


Story overviews, plus crew details, breed facts, pictures, links, and whelping details.

Prize My Eyes

Puppy breeder offering AKC registered chocolate, yellow, and black Labrador Retriever puppies for sale.

PureLab Kennels

Information page that contains sire and dam details, puppy facts, and contact details.

Rainy Day

Shows monthly news, breed information, and featured services.

Range Creek Farm and Kennel

Small family owned and operated kennel that presents litter information, breeding program, pedigree page, photos, links, canine health details, and training updates.


Located in Goodrich Michigan, known Breeder and trainer of English Labrador Retrievers.

Ravenwood Kennels

Information page containing litter facts, photo album, guarantees, stud dogs, and links.

Ridge View

Presents male and female Labrador, litter facts, story gallery, photos, memorial page, links, and contact particulars.

Ridgeline Pointing Gun Dogs

Brief overview about the kennel, featured breeding dogs, litter facts, pricing, and contact updates.

Riorock Kennel

Background information about the kennel, plus featured sires, dams, and litters, picture gallery, and affiliated links.

Rodorbal Labrador Retrievers

Victorian breeder of black, yellow and chocolate Labradors provides details of the dogs, past champions, breeding ethics, nursery, current litter puppy pictures, older dogs for sale and contact information.

Rozi Hill

Breeder's information, with lists of available puppies and dogs, photos, and mailing list.


Spotlights a full service training, breeding, and boarding facility located in the Wateree valley of South Carolina near Camden and Columbia.

Sadona Kennel

Includes litter announcements, sires and dams, dogs for sale, memorial page, photos, links, and contact particulars.

Sailin Kennel

Historical overview, with male and female Labrador, current and future litters, photo gallery, and puppy facts.


Breeder’s and breed information, featured dogs, puppy facts, photos, and contact particulars.

Shadow Mountain

Picture gallery, plus featured male and female Labrador, stud services, litter facts, training collar, and event calendar.

Shady Grove Kennel

Includes retriever and obedience training, puppy facts, featured gun dog, and links.

Shalane Kennel

Information about the kennel with news update, featured facility, nursery, breed overview, and contact facts.

Shiloh Kennel

Experienced Labrador Retriever breeder provides details of show and hunt Labradors, bloodlines, litters and the availability of puppies.

Simbathe Kennel

Breed standard, plus photo gallery, featured dogs, puppies for sale, contact facts, and memorial page.


Breed information, plus featured photos, puppy facts, and related resources.

Sleeping Giant Labradors

Kennel information that includes puppy facts, photo gallery, and contact particulars. Located in Helena, Montana.

Smith Farms

Collection of male and female Labrador, available puppies, health guarantees, and contact particulars.

Soggy Acres

Page shows dog and owners information, puppy facts, boarding details, newsletters, links, contacts, and direction guide.

Southbvank Labradors

Labrador Retriever breeders located in Queensland provide information on the breeding philosophy, history, dogs, stud dog policy, book reviews, resources and contacts.

Southern Point Kennels

Specializes in breeding Labrador retriever breed. Also provides litter facts, pedigree details, puppy training, kennel, contacts, and additional resources.

Steele Kennels

Kennel facts, with featured male and female Labrador, puppy facts, online puppy application, and links.

Sybeck Labrador Retrievers

Breeder based on the south coast of Victoria in Australia provides details of their breeding ethnics, health guarantee, nursery, dogs, testimonials and a puppy photo album.

Tapua Labrador Retrievers

Kennel in Woodstock New South Wales offers details of awards, puppies for sale, images, health and training information plus contacts.

T-Bar Country Kennel

Photo gallery, plus pedigree facts, kennel information, and related links.

Temple Labradors

Breeds of black and chocolate Labradors provide details of puppies, characteristics of the dogs, puppies accepted into the guide dog program, applications and contacts. Located on the outskirts of Warwick in Queensland.

Torg's Labs

Hunter's kennel located in Bemidji provides information on experience hunting with sporting dogs plus details of the breeding females, stud service, litters, accomplishments, puppies, galleries and contacts.

Twin Ponds Kennels

Discusses boarding details, pedigree information, litter facts, plus photo gallery, and contact particulars.

Weymouth Kennel

Presents puppy referrals and Labrador rescue, affiliated links, and mailing list.


Information page about the Whipowil breeders that includes puppy and litter facts, links, and mailing list.

Whispering Hills

Shows training updates, puppy facts, stud services, facilities, and additional resources.

Whispering Pines Kennel

Brief description about the breeder, also includes health concerns, photo gallery, contact details, and news update.

White Wing Valley

Brief overview about the kennel plus photo gallery, featured male and female Labrador, puppy and litters, standards, and additional resources.

Willow Brook

Includes new litter facts, featured Labrador, photo gallery, links, and contact particulars.

Wiscoy Kennel

Showcases kennel facts, puppy features, slide shows, and breeder's link.


Includes photo gallery, kennel facts, diary entries, and litter announcements.


Tasmanian breeder provides information on the dogs, puppies, breeding program and kennel history.

Youngbrook Kennels

Kennels situated on the Northern Tablelands at Guyra in New South Wales present information on the dogs, puppies, pedigree, gallery and contacts.


Victorian breeder located in Bacchus Marsh provides details of present dogs and temperament and boarding kennel and experience in breeding and judging Labrador Retrievers.

Zig Zags Kennel

Lists of Zig Zags male and female dogs, stud services, litter information, and accomplishment details.

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