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This category offers listings dealing with breeders of Rottweilers located worldwide. Find information on locating a breeder, pedigrees, champion dogs, litters and available puppies.
  • Acostas

    Contains photo gallery, pedigree information, dog pages, and additional links.

  • Alfalar's

    Discusses breeder's information, stud services, puppy updates, dogs for sale, and breed overview.

  • Bangais

    Resource about Bangais, including photo book, grooming detail, contacts, links, puppy detail, dogs for sale and other link entries.

  • Barrelhead Rottweilers

    Brief information about the breeder, also includes dog pages, pedigree facts, and mailing list.

  • Barste Rottweilers

    Home page contains male and female Rottweilers, litter updates, memorial page, links, and contact particulars.

  • Benahein

    Presents dog gallery, photos, pedigree details, news update, and stud services.

  • BISS Ch Gamegard's U.S. Marshall

    Features dog gallery, photos, links, and breeder's information.

  • Brandy Hills Rockin Rottweilers

    Provides news update, dog gallery, stud services, adoptions, and puppy facts.

  • Braxenburg

    Presents dog gallery, puppy facts, pedigree information, news update, and memorial page.

  • Breogan

    Presents breeder's information, publications, links, and contact details.

  • Camelot

    Contains video clips, photo gallery, breed overview, memorial page, and pedigree information.

  • Carolina Rottweilers

    Page contains stud services, available dogs, puppy facts, and links.

  • Castobian

    Small kennel that provides dog gallery and information, photos, and mailing list.

  • Choice K-9's

    Features dog information, puppies for sale, links, and contact particulars.

  • Coalfire

    Breeder's and breed information, plus dog gallery, litter updates, health issues, articles, training services, and links.

  • Codon

    Provides dog gallery, pedigree information, puppy page, photos, dogs for sale, and contact particulars.

  • Coso

    Canadian Kennel Club registered Rhodesian Ridgebacks located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

  • Crazy Diamond

    Explains breeder's and breed information, puppies for sale, gallery, links, and contact particulars.

  • Crestridge

    Breeder and exhibitor of Rhodesian Ridgebacks based in Altoona, Florida.

  • Darkgypsy

    Highlights on breeder's information, featured dogs, news update, health facts, litter announcements, and puppies for sale.

  • Dasil-Mar

    Presents stud services, dog gallery, puppy facts, breeding plans, contact facts, and links.

  • Der Hagen Rottweilers

    Breed information, plus handling details, dog gallery, and links.

  • Dhorobi

    Features adoption information, dog gallery, breed history, puppy facts, training services, and links.

  • Dorn Roschen Rottweilers

    Features dog gallery, photo album, links, and mailing list.

  • Dreistleigh

    Background information about the kennel, plus dog features, litter announcements, photo gallery, and pedigree details.

  • Esmond

    Breeder's information, plus dog gallery, featured bitches, breeding plans, news updates, and event details.

  • Eternal Moon Rottweilers & Norwich Terriers

    A private kennel in Apex, North Carolina. Breeder's information, plus featured dogs, photo gallery, and site map.

  • Falcon Crest

    Breeder's information page containing dog gallery, available puppies, memorial site, feeding tips, breed standard, and contact particulars.

  • Fallhammer Rottweilers

    Kennel information, plus upcoming litters, puppy facts, pedigree details, and contact particulars.

  • Frontier Rottweilers

    Information page about the Frontier Rottweiler breeders.

  • Frost-King

    Facts about the breeder, plus featured dogs, herding photos, and links.

  • Gelderland

    Breeder's page containing pedigree information, show details, photos, and mailing list.

  • Georgia Rottweiler’s, LLC.

    Rottweilers breeder provides details of affiliations, dogs, pedigrees, litters and available puppies. Located in Georgia.

  • Guardian Angel Rottweilers

    Contains pedigree information, photo gallery, mailing list, inquiries, and puppy updates.

  • Hausderberg Rottweilers

    Home page contains breeder's information, news update, stud services, dog gallery, puppy facts, and additional photos.

  • Hof Ter Cammen

    Presents puppy facts, dog gallery, kennel information, news update, links, and contact particulars.

  • Ivoss

    Displays dog gallery and information pages, litter announcements, links, and mailing list.

  • Jenecks

    Background information about the breed, also includes picture gallery, dog pages, puppies for sale, and links.

  • Kaiserslautern Rottweilers

    Showcases male and female Rottweilers, upcoming litters, available puppies, stud contract, and links.

  • Karlinhaus

    Home page contains kennel information, breed overview, and pedigree details.

  • Kengali

    Shows dog gallery, photos, news update, event calendar, and contact particulars.

  • Kimbertal Kennels

    Kennel information includes offered products and services, mailing list, tips, portfolio, and other provided entries.

  • L and L Rottweilers

    Information page about the breeder, also includes dog links, pet gallery, and web rings.

  • M and W Kennels

    Kennel page presents breeder's information, dog gallery, photos, links, and additional entries.

  • Marlo's

    Background information about the breeder, including mailing list.

  • Neu-Rodes

    Page contains news update, available puppies, references, training and rescue services, event schedules, and contact facts.

  • Nighthawk

    Presents Nighthawk litters, dog gallery, memorial page, show details, and links.

  • Nightshadow

    Displays male and female Rottweilers, puppy facts, photo gallery, dogs for sale, and mailing list.

  • No-Bil's

    Highlights on dog pages, litter announcements, photo gallery, memorial site, and associated web rings.

  • Offenburgher

    Presents litter announcements, dog gallery. litter announcements, and contact facts.

  • Precious Gem

    Home page contains male and female Rottweilers, including puppy facts, memorial page, and contact particulars.

  • Rakaaz

    Consists of pedigree information, litter announcements, photo gallery, links, and mailing list.

  • R-CK Kennels

    Non-breeding kennel featuring available puppies, breed information, press releases, rescue services, and contact facts.

  • Rhapsody Rhodesian Ridgebacks

    Breed overview, plus training services, puppy adoptions, and mailing list.

  • RiverRun Rottweilers

    Includes dog gallery, stud services, breeding plans, and contact particulars.

  • Rshaedyn

    Breed information including pedigree details, and associated entries.

  • Sam Houston Rottweilers

    Displays dog gallery, litter facts, available puppies, contact particulars, and links.

  • Samotnia Christa

    Includes kennel description, dogs for sale, photos, and links.

  • SilverHill Rottweilers

    Includes breeder's and breed information, upcoming litters, pedigree details, contact facts, and links.

  • Stonerose

    Consists of breeder's information, dog gallery, links, and contact particulars.

  • Taptos Kennel

    Kennel information, dog gallery, featured events, and links are provided in this page.

  • Ter Waele

    Page contains news update, dog gallery, puppy facts, kennel overview, and links.

  • V.D. Alten Festung

    Shows dog pages and information, contact facts, photo gallery, news update, and links.

  • Vaccaro

    Provides information about the breeder, also includes breeding plans, litter updates, dog gallery, memorial page, and links.

  • Van Bergereng

    Includes breeder's information, litter and puppy facts, links, and web rings.

  • vom Aztlan

    Breeder's information, plus dog gallery, litter facts, puppies for sale, links, and contact particulars.

  • vom Blaurasen Rottweilers

    Features pedigree information, available puppies, dog links, and photo gallery.

  • Vom Broz Rottweilers

    Information page about the Vom Broz Rottweiler breeders.

  • Vom Drakkenfels

    Displays news update, dog gallery, offered services, puppies for sale, photos, and affiliated links.

  • Vom Hause Neubrand

    Includes breed information, stud services, featured dogs, litter announcements, photo gallery, puppies for sale, and contact particulars.

  • Vom Keiser Wappen Rottweilers

    German Rottweiler breeders offering puppies for sale, dog importing, health issues, news update, and links.

  • Vom Maegdeberg Rottweilers

    Breeder's information, plus breed standard, puppy facts, picture gallery, news updates, and links.

  • Vom Neuen Schloss

    Specializing in imported German Rottweilers. Includes photo gallery, breed overview, and links.

  • Vom Stolzerschutz

    Highlights on dog information, featured puppies and bitches, feeding details, contact facts, and links.

  • Vom Verhungerten Fels

    Includes puppy updates, featured dogs, links, and mailing list.

  • Von Baker Rottweilers

    Provides photographs, show results, progeny and pedigree information.

  • Von Kaden Rottweilers

    Displays stud dogs information and services, pedigree details, puppy page, links, and contact particulars.

  • Von Marc Rottweilers

    Home page contains dog gallery, planned litters, breed overview, and photo gallery.

  • Von Steinbrucke

    Features show results, puppy facts, dog gallery, archives, mailing list, and video clips.

  • Von Warterr Rottweilers

    Brief information about the breeder, also contains photo gallery, featured dogs, affiliated clubs, and mailing list.

  • Von Whelan Rottweilers

    Information page about the Von Whelan Rottweiler breeders.

  • Winn's Hill Kennel

    Registered kennel that provides photo gallery, featured dogs, and contact particulars.

  • Yosch von Bickesheim

    Brief information about the breeder, plus dog facts, puppy updates, and links.

  • Zirabanden

    Shows kennel information, dog gallery, photos, pedigree details, and contact particulars.

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