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Great Dane Breeders


Facts about the Great Dane breed, plus breeder information, mailing list, and guest book entry.


Home page containing historical facts, breed information, show details, litter facts, links, and other related particulars.


Provides litter box information, event calendar, photo gallery, featured Danes, contact facts, and links.

Black Knight

Contains detailed description of breeding control, plus breed information, stud services, news update, and mailing list.


Educational web site contains articles, family album, interview facts, breeders showcase, art works, and affiliated links.

Blue Star

Information page about Blue Star breeder, plus featured pedigree, photos, and links.

Boar Hunters

Displays puppy, art, and photo gallery, show ring, and tribute page.


Facts about Celebrity breeder, plus breed information, puppy details, photos, and other related particulars.


Presents gallery of male Danes, puppy facts, planned breeding, photos, and mailing list.


Web site information includes breed details and featured photos.


Breeder's information and provided services, plus show dogs, available puppies, and photo gallery.


Kennel site providing breeder's and breed information, news update, dog gallery, mailing list, puppy and stud details.


Facts about Damarkann Great Danes, plus photo gallery, event calendar, guest book entry, and contact particulars.

Dark Horse

Covers breed information, parts and presents Danes, stud services, litter and puppy facts, plus affiliated links.

Del Castello Delle Rocche

Home page information includes kennel detail, location guide, male and female Danes, news update, litter facts, articles, and links.


Displays breeding information, featured Danes, photo album, puppy gallery and contracts, stud services, and links.

High Meadow

Gives puppy facts, retired dogs, memorial tributes, links, and contact particulars.


Australia's largest importer, exporter and breeder of Harlequin, Blue and Black Great Danes. Provides dog gallery, puppy facts, photos, and contact details.

Kennel Large Coat

Displays news update, featured male and female Danes, litter facts, contacts, guest book entry, and links.

Kozmic Blue's Kennel

Small home kennel dedicated to breeding quality blue Great Danes. Presents puppy and litter facts, export details, and other related links.


Home page contains gallery of featured Danes, information, and mailing list.


Small Irish kennel specializing in breeding Great Danes. Includes dog gallery, news imports, photo gallery, and contact particulars.


Breeder's and breed information, plus available puppies, historical overview, and kennel facts.


Kennel site contains breed information, litter details, picture gallery, collectibles, reference books, and contact particulars.

Silent Force

Introduces Silent Force breeder, plus featured Danes, activities, litter facts, memory page, and links.


Specializes in breeding Great Dane Dogs. Plus news update, dog gallery, featured bitches and litters, photos, puppy page, and links.


Resource site containing pedigree information, video clips, photo gallery, links, and mailing list.

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