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Cats and their Senses

Animal Planet: Cat Guide: Ears and Hearing

An article that discusses the anatomy of the ear, how it relates to balance, and the condition of deafness in cats.

Animal Planet: Cat Guide: Eyes and Vision

Discusses the anatomy of the eye, colorblindness, night vision, and the third eyelid.

Animal Planet: Cat Guide: Sense of Touch

Provides information on the cat's sense of touch, using its whiskers and its coat and skin.

Animal Planet: Cat Guide: Smell and Taste

Discusses how a cat uses its sense of smell to find food, stay safe, and find a mate and describes the anatomy of the tongue.

Pet Education: Do Cats See in the Dark?

Question and answer session describing cats vision.

Pet Education: Flehming or the Flehman Reaction in Cats

Question and answer format discussing how cats smell with their mouths open.

Pet Education: Hearing in Cats

Question and Answer format discussing hearing in cats.

Pet Education: How The Sense of Smell Influences the Behavior

Article showing how the sense of smell influences cats.

Veterinary Partner: Sense of Smell

Article describing how cats smell.

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