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Declawing Cats

Animal Planet: Cat Care Declawing

Discusses the purposes and benefits of scratching.


Article containing cat behavior and problem solving on scratching and alternatives to declawing. The Truth about Declawing Cats

Shows article containing opposing of the elective surgery on cats.

Dedicated to providing information on anti-declawing and its alternatives.

Declawing Cats: Issues and Alternatives

Provides list of resources on issues and alternatives to declawing of cats.

Includes an article containing arguments on not declawing a cat.

Provides online resource and directory on declawing-related sites.

Declawing: Disclose and Wait

Discusses the problems and alternative solutions to declawing a cat.

De-Clawing: The Facts and Alternatives

Consists of pages and topics on importance of cat claws and alternatives to declawing.

Please Don't Declaw

Provides information of what the impact and effect declawing has on cats as well as alternatives to the surgery.

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