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The Bengal Cat was created from crossing the Domestic Shorthair with the wild Asian Leopard Cats. The color pattern created is either the brown spotted tabby or the marbled pattern (typical tabby pattern). The best companion Bengals are at least four generations removed from the last wild crossing.
  • Bengal Classifieds

    Presents guidelines in buying Bengal cats and details the characteristics of the animals.

  • The Bengal Kitten List

    Providing a directory of UK Bengal cat breeders.


    Provides information on the breed and showcases photographs of kittens and retired animals.


    Details the breeding standards of Bengal cats and shows a list of available kittens.

  • Breed Standard: Bengal

    Provides information about show scores, allowable coat colors, and breed requirements.

  • FBRL: Bengal

    Providing a breed and studline description, photos and show standards.

  • HDW’s Chat Board for Bengal Lovers

    Home for all Bengal and other breed cat lovers that provides discussion forum with membership login and password.

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