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The topic of this category is cats (felis catus), which is also known as the housecat or domestic cat. The emphasis is on housecats, but also included are feral cats, which make up more and more of the feline population all the time. The history and mythology, as well as specific breeds are all addressed here.
  • About Cats

    Provides FAQs and current articles about raising cats.

  • Bast Galleries

    Shows information on the page with pictures of cats and their profiles.

  • The Cat Cabinet

    A museum in The Netherlands displaying cat related artwork, along with a description of the building.

  • Cat Channel

    A comprehensive resource center all about kittens and cats, including sections devoted to cat care, kitten adoption, cat rescue, cat breed information, cat books, cat magazines, and show cats.

  • Cat Chow: Cat Stories

    Read real cat stories and discover how deep the human-pet bond really runs. Share true cat stories with a community of people who love their pets.

  • Cat Fanciers

    Features news, articles, message boards, and an online bookstore.

  • Cat Quotes

    Collects all things literary and cinematic about cats.

  • Catster

    Contains news updates, membership registration, online groups, cat gallery pictures, adoption procedures, and FAQs.

  • Crazy for Kitties

    Information on the kitties’ page with cat collectibles, posters, cat names, stories, feature articles, and kitty facts.


    Find free cat stuff, games, articles, graphics, and a directory of resourceful websites.


    Features classifieds, cat care guides, food and treat information, and links to other cat communities.

  • Long Live the Kitty

    Chairman Meow, leader of the Kitty Revolution, dispenses his wisdom and coupons to the masses.

  • Messybeast Cat Resource Archive

    Presents a wealth of articles on cat care, health, breeding and behaviour, cat history, myths and urban legends, cat artwork and a comparison of cat-keeping habits in Britain, the USA and Australia.

  • Southern Africa Cat Council

    South African cat council provides information on breeders, cat shows, newsletters, governance, events, forms and objectives.

  • Understanding Animals: Choosing a Friendly Kitten

    Providing advice on choosing the right kitten for your family.

  • World Cat Congress

    Organization established to promote cooperation and understanding between the world's major cat associations provides details of the organizational structure, annual meetings, members, activities and events.

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