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Pet Parrots


    Forum with one section discussing specific species of parrot, bird care, and toys and accessories. Another section announcing lost and found birds, sales, and swaps.


    Training video and articles teach people how to fix behavioral problems in pet parrots.

  • Bourke’s Parakeet

    Displays comprehensive information about birds with different varieties, breeding, and contact details.

  • Cheep Parrot Toys N Tips

    Online guide about parrots with toy index, ideas, tips, links, and product details.

  • Cheep Thrills

    Promotes the page with show dates, parks and attractions, client list, television shows, and contacts.

  • Hagen Aviculture Research Institute

    Contains pictures of various species of parrots and shows tips on how to feed them.


    Provides online resource of parakeet, budgie, and cockatiel birds for potential owners.

  • Lexicon of Parrots

    Online magazine about parrots with order subscriptions, authors, book shop, and contacts.

  • Parrot Care

    Features an online shop selling toys and accessories, food and supplements, parrot stands, and reference materials. Also features a parrot care and rescue center.

  • Parrot

    Intends to share updated information about raising, breeding, and keeping parrots to bird enthusiasts, hobbyists, breeders, and trainers. Also encourages those engage in aviculture to contribute articles for posting to the site.

  • Parrot Passion UK

    Features an advice section containing valuable information for pet owners ranging from diet to aviary building. Also presents species profiles and a list of avian vets in UK and around the world.

  • Parrot, Lovebird and Budgerigar Breeding and Hybridizing

    Page aimed at enriching the knowledge of peachfaced lovebird and budgerigar owners, hybridizers, and breeders by providing information on large scale colony and cage breeding activities and mechanics.

  • Parrotlink

    Features a variety of parrot species and shares tips on raising them. Also presents a discussion forum and photo gallery.

  • Parrots

    Compilation of information on different parrot species. Also contains announcement on parrots, toys, and accessories for sale.

  • Parrots - Review The Top Parrot Training Courses

    Review of training courses on parrots, including tips on feeding and training.

  • Parrots Canada

    Compiles tips and information useful for choosing a bird as pet, along with tips for breeders. Also present baby photos of parrots and information on birds for sale.

  • The Pet Bird Page

    Contains information that will aid in selecting the right pet parrot breed with a link where owners and finders can report sick birds.

  • Planned Parrothood

    Promotes parrots, their welfare, preservation, and safe environments for raising them.

  • The Polite Parrot

    Contains an overview of the company’s services, which are behavior consultations, grooming, and training courses for parrot owners.

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