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Pet Bird Magazines and E-zines


Aviculture magazine offering a wide array of articles on pet birds and owners.

Bird Talk

Official site of the pet bird publication. Offers subscription information, bird photos, classifieds, and resources for pet bird ownership, breeding, and maintenance.

Bird Times

Contains in-depth information, features, and guides to all types of birds for aviculturalists and the pet owners.

Companion Parrot

Quarterly publication providing in-depth information on having and raising companion parrots. Includes topics on parrot nutrition, care, breeding, socialization, and weaning.

The Game Bird Gazette

Promotes the gazette with information on keeping, raising, and breeding different types and varieties of birds with discount rates, online payment form, and subscription rates.

Good Bird, Inc.

Fostering the human animal bond with positive reinforcements through media tools and workshops.

Parrot Chronicles

Offering a wide range of resources for companion parrot ownership and breeding.

Features stories on parrots with news updates, conservation watch, good breeding information, picture polls, and rescue spotlight.


Information on the breeding, behavior, and health care of all types of parrot and parrot-like birds.

Purebred Pigeon

Bimonthly magazine offers an extensive range of information on pet pigeons, pet events, and pet breeding.

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