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Information on insect repellents, making outdoor cooking stoves, outdoor lighting, and details for backpacks and backpack stoves are included here.
  • Candle Power Forums

    Provides discussion area on lighting topics including flashlights and other related gadgets.

  • Goodbye To Muck

    Aquatic weed and muck control mats to lay on the lake bed bottom to walk on muck and kill aquatic weeds under the mat. Clears weeds from swimming area and can hold up boat lifts above muck. https://www.facebook.com/goodbyetomuck/ GoodByeToMuck

  • Insect Repellent Information

    Provides information on insect repellent products. View product ranking according to efficacy.

  • Lightweight Adventure Backpack

    Contains product description including details on its component weights and pack frame.

  • Zen Backpacking Stoves

    Ushers details about alcohol stove products. With information on how to choose stoves and list of other types of stoves.

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