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All About Birds Killdeer, Charadrius vociferus

Contains information on physical features and behavior. With photos.

All About Birds: Plovers and Lapwings

Guide to species within the US, with identification information, range maps, life histories, and sound and video files. Includes drop down links to other members of the order.

Audubon Guides: Killdeer

Information on Charadrius vociferus, North America's largest ringed plover. Covers description, voice, habitat, range, and similar species.

Burke's Backyard: Spur-winged Plovers

Record of the Australian program visiting Sydney University, where a pair of Spur-winged plovers is nesting.

NZBirds: Ngutuparore, the Wrybill

Illustrated article describing their behaviour and life cycle, plus a description, where to find them, a link to a video, and a taxonomy table.

RSPB: Plovers and Lapwings

Introduction to the lapwings and plovers found in the UK, and the Dotterel. Includes distribution, timings, identification, and behaviour for each of the species.

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