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All About Birds: Black Guillemot

Identification guide, range map, and life history.

Alle alle

Provides detailed information and photographs of the Dovekie, Alle alle. Includes habitat, life history, feeding habits, and interspecies interaction.

Animal Diversity Web: Family Alcidae

Provides pictures, specimens and classification details for puffins, murres, auklets, and their relatives.

Audubon Guides: Auks, Murres, Puffins

Describes the characteristics of birds in the family Alcidae, commonly called Alcids. Includes details for each bird with photographs, range, distribution map and discussion.

The Internet Bird Collection: Auks (Alcidae)

Describing the family as consisting of small to medium-sized marine, wing-propelled diving birds with a stocky body, and providing a species list, with photographs, videos and sound files held.

RSPB: Auks

Describes the family of seabirds with details of the species found in the UK including the razorbill, guillemot, puffin and little auk.

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