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This family of birds, Alcidae, includes the puffin, auk, guillemot, murre, razorbill, murrelet and auklet.
  • All About Birds: Black Guillemot

    Identification guide, range map, and life history.

  • Alle alle

    Provides detailed information and photographs of the Dovekie, Alle alle. Includes habitat, life history, feeding habits, and interspecies interaction.

  • Animal Diversity Web: Family Alcidae

    Provides pictures, specimens and classification details for puffins, murres, auklets, and their relatives.

  • Audubon Guides: Auks, Murres, Puffins

    Describes the characteristics of birds in the family Alcidae, commonly called Alcids. Includes details for each bird with photographs, range, distribution map and discussion.

  • RSPB: Auks

    Describes the family of seabirds with details of the species found in the UK including the razorbill, guillemot, puffin and little auk.

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