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Penguins are flightless birds found in the Southern Hemisphere. They all have black or gray feathers on their backs and white bellies. Their wings have fused bones and resemble flippers.
  • Antarctic Penguins

    Photographs, including photographic sequences, of Emperor and Adelie penguins, plus facts and information on their behaviour. Also provides a Penguin FAQ, 3D pictures, and penguin drawings.

  • International Penguin Conservation Work Group

    Penguin information including species, by region, penguins in peril, and an adopt a penguin scheme.

  • Montreal Biodôme Webcam

    Shows a live web cam of penguins at the Montréal Biodôme in the former Olympic Velodrome.

  • National Geographic: Penguins

    Photo gallery showing captioned photographs of various species of penguin. Includes wall paper downloads.

  • New Zealand Penguins

    Penguin species in New Zealand, and their conservation and status, research, news, a collection of international webcams, and penguin games.

  • Penguin World

    Resource provided by Dr Lloyd Spencer Davis, author and authority on penguins. With information on the species, news, articles, questions, and a shop for his books.

  • Penguinpage

    Written accounts based on fieldwork logbooks and the dairies of researchers involved in penguin research projects.

  • Penguins Eastern Cape

    South African centre for the rescue and rehabilitation of penguins. With penguin diaries, gallery, news, and links.

  • Pinguins info

    Disproves a few myths about penguins, and provides pages on many aspects of penguin behaviour and conservation. Includes a gallery, news, and links.

  • Simon's Town: The African Penguin

    Description of the African penguin, their behaviour, range and habitat, and the history of the Boulders colony which started with two penguins in 1983 and is now so large that it causes problems for residents.

  • Telegraph: Gay penguins steal eggs

    Newspaper story about two gay penguins attempting to become fathers by stealing the eggs of other penguins.

  • Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust

    Trust with the aim of saving New Zealand's unique Yellow-eyed penguin by restoring coastal forest and controlling predators. Background, information on the species, resources, archives and news.

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