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Pelicans, Cormorants, Gannets

The Kruger: African Darter ( Anhinga rufa, family: Anhingidae)

Advice on identification, name of the bird in other languages including Xhosa - Ivuzi, and Afrikaans - Slanghalsvol, and basic facts.

National Geographic: Blue-Footed Booby

Short article on the Blue-footed Booby, scientific name, Sula Nebouxii, plus a photograph, range map and basic facts.

Nature Stuff: Darters

Australian guide to darters or snake birds, with photographs and facts about their behaviour.

NZ Birds: Kawau, the Black Shag

Description, the role of cormorants and shags in history, and illustrations featuring the birds.

The Pelican Project

Information on the Brown Pelican in California, and other seabirds. Includes rescue information,a Q and A, and pelican links.

Pelicans on Parade, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Painted pelican sculpture project. Includes information on the fund raising auction, and the artists involved.

Pelicans, Pelecanidae

Introduces the species of pelicans spotted, with photographs and cited literature.

Petersen Field Guides: Brown Pelican

Guide to identification, range map and life history.

RSPB: Boobies and Gannets

Basic description of the family, and detailed information on the gannet, the only member of the family regularly seen in the UK.

Worldwide Ornithological Travels: Pelicans

Gallery of pelican photographs from the author's travels. In French and English.

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