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A sub family of Caprimulgiformes known as Caprimulginae or typical nightjars. Includes the Pauraque, Common Poorwill, the European Nightjar, Long-primaried nightjars, Long-trained Nightjar and the Sickle-winged Nightjar.
  • All About Birds: Common Poorwill

    Information on Common Poorwill or Phalaenoptilus nuttallii, a small nightjar found in North America and one of the few birds known to hibernate.

  • All About Birds: Whip-poor-will

    Identification, life history, and sound file for Caprimulgus vociferus or Whip-poor-will.

  • Nightjars & Allies - Caprimulgidae

    Describes some of the eighty six species to be found around the world, with some photographs. Includes books owned or recommended by the author.

  • White-winged Nightjar

    Photographs of, and status information on Caprimulgus candicans, the White-winged nightjar, an endangered species with only a few hundred birds left.

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