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Large, long-legged and long-necked birds who look similar to herons but fly with their necks outstretched. Herons fly with their necks folded back.
  • All About Birds: Whooping Crane

    Identification guide, life history, and sound clips.

  • International Crane Foundation

    Foundation for the conservation of cranes worldwide. Includes species field guide, gallery, projects, forum, and details of their visitor center in Wisconsin, USA.

  • Monte Vista Crane Festival

    Annual festival held when the migratory cranes return in March, in Colorado’s Valley of the Cranes. Describes the sandhill cranes and their courtship dance, and provides galleries of pictures.

  • North American Crane Working Group

    Organization of professional biologists, and aviculturists concerned with the conservation of cranes and their habitats. Includes general and scientific information of the Sandhill and Whooping cranes.

  • Platte River Whooping Crane

    Trust dedicated to conserving habitat for migratory birds on the Platte River in central Nebraska. With surveys, photographs, and migration maps.

  • USGS: Cranes: Their Biology, Husbandry, and Conservation

    Presents pdf downloads of the book by chapters, plus awards, and editor credits.

  • USGS: The Cranes

    Status survey and conservation action plan covering species worldwide.

  • Whooping Crane Conservation Association

    Introduces their mission and provides migration routes, reports, newsletters, flock status, and advice on reporting a sighting.

  • Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership

    Partnership working to bring back migratory whooping cranes to Eastern North America. Project details, getting involved, and what to do if you see a crane.

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