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Model Rocket Kits Associations

Canadian Association of Rocketry

News updates of the organization presented. Features regulations implemented and rocketry safety.


Group of rocketry hobbyist with membership opportunities. Provides schedule of launching activities and reports.

Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society

Highlights news updates of the organization's activities. Includes schedule of launching sessions.

Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists

Conducts rocket launching and competitions as well. Provides history of the group's establishment.

Dallas Area Rocket Society

Recreational group focusing in rocketry hobby. Organizes launching activities and meetings as well.

Kansas City Association of Rocketry

Composed of hobbyist in rocket launching. Features club members, launch reports and details of meetings.

National Association of Rocketry - Livermore Unit

Membership provided for rocket hobbyist. Includes listing of events organized and gallery of photos.

National Association of Rocketry Headquarters Astro Modeling

Conducts meetings to discuss relevant topics on the hobby. With competitions organized and launching activities.

Northern Illinois Rocketry Association

Organizes competitions for rocket launching. Includes meetings for discussions on various topics about the craft.

Northern Virginia Association of Rocketry

Schedule of the organization’s activities provided. Plus a gallery of member’s photos presented.

ROCK - Rocketry of Orlando’s Community Kids

Organized for model rocket hobbyists involved in the constructing and launching activities.

Southern Pennsylvania Area Association of Rocketry

Provides schedule of various events organized by the club. With an overview of planned projects and meeting schedules.

St. Louis Rocketry Association

Launching activities organized by the club involved in the craft. Plus reports on events and meetings presented.

Toledo Rocketry

Membership opportunities offered for various age groups involved in the craft of rocket launching activity using model kits.

Tri-City Sky Busters

Network of model rocket collectors organizing launching activities. Offers membership opportunities for hobbyists involved in the craft.

Tripoli Austin

Features photos and reports of launching activities conducted. Also profiles the hobbyist’s fleet of model rockets.

Tripoli Idaho Rocketry

Highlights scheduled launching events in selected location. Also provides the organization’s profile and contact references.

Tripoli Tulsa Rocketry

Founded for the enthusiasts of sport rocketry craft. Contains schedule of club meetings and launching events as well as gallery of photos.


Details the organization’s functions involved in the craft of building and launching model rockets. Includes calendar of activity schedule and a photo gallery.

USA Spacemodeling

Profiles the conducted competitions with contest details including implemented policies and team selection process.

Virginia High Power Rocketry

Presents the organization’s activities with photos showcased. Includes a gallery of conducted launching events.

Vlaamse Raket Organisatie - VRO

Belgium-based group of rocketry enthusiasts. Provides an archive of launching activity reports.

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