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Roman Legions

  • Cives Ravraci et Vicani Vindonissenses

    Re-enactment group in Basel, Switzerland focusing on the civilian life in the Roman city of Augusta Rauraci and legionary camp of Vindonissa.

  • Familia Gladiatoria Pannonica

    Includes plays, programs, members list, and gallery of the Hungarian group re-enacting Roman era as legionnaires and gladiators.

  • Legio II Augusta

    Featuring the re-enactments of the Roman Britain military and civilian life during the First and Second Centuries.

  • Legio VI Ferrata

    Living history organization portrays the first century Roman garrisons in Judaea and Syria. Includes news and upcoming events, photos, and featured links.

  • Legio VI Victrix

    Home page of the Greater Los Angeles areas' Roman re-enactment club. With details on membership, photo galleries, programs, and events calendar.

  • Legio VI Victrix: The Antonine Guard

    Official site of the Antonine Guard re-enactment society. Contains member section, background information, activities, photos, and membership.

  • Legio VIII Augusta MGV

    Showcases re-enactment of the history of Roman military and civilian living, includes an events diary, photo gallery, news update, and services.

  • Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix: Roman Military Research Society

    Home page contains information on events, civilian and military living history, featured articles, and membership.

  • Legio XX

    Showcases re-enactments of the twentieth Roman army legion for public demonstrations and living history by the Washington-based group.

  • Legio XXII Primagenia

    Created in Cincinnati, Ohio to re-enact the living history and events of the imperial Roman army's 22nd legion.

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