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Science Humor

Ask Dr Science

Dr Science answers questions submitted by site visitors.


Cartoons presenting funny moments or situations involving physics, chemistry, medicine, and the life sciences.

Famous Scientists

Facts about notable figures in science with articles or images that poke fun at them.

Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies

Presents inaccurate science and technology as well as a faux research and development facility.

HotAIR: Annals of Improbable Research

Digital form of science humor magazine with articles and newsletter.

Improbable Research

Organization dedicated to presenting improbable research that invite ridicule and rethinking.

The Journal of Irreproducible Results

Online resource on science humor with spoofs, parodies and whimsies.


Persistent endeavor to discover the impossible, analyze the nonexistent, and research the improbable unknown.

Science Entertainment

Funny and amusing items involving science subjects, the environment, and science fiction. Includes a media archive.

Science Jokes

Collection of science-themed jokes gathered from Usenet, forwarded through emails, or picked up from conversations.

Scientific Quotes

Collection of science-related "witty sayings that prove nothing.".

Sometimes Science Sucks

Online comic on science failures and shortcomings.

South Pacific Institute of Nolledge

Satire site offering a sarcastic look at today's corporate research institutes and research programs.

Stop the Spin

Online campaign dedicated to stopping the spin of the earth for the greater good.


Compilation of blunders and mistakes of science and engineering reading materials and diagrams.

Why Is The Sky Blue

Funny website of scientific misinformation that attempts to answer the most complex of scientific questions.

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