Web Filter Humor in the Best of the Web Directory

Web Filter Humor

  • The Burn Maker

    Features transformers of personal emails into foul mouthed, anger filled rage.

  • De Graeve

    Features Crapola Web Translator of web pages according to specified vernacular.

  • The Dialectizer

    Contains converter of English texts to various comic dialects.

  • Disaster Destroy the Web

    Contains web page loads and user selected disasters including Martian invasion and more.

  • Look On My Words, Ye Mighty and Despair

    Gives out random paragraphs in Noam Chomsky linguist style.

  • No Swearing

    Bad word list filter with dictionary and swear word translator.

  • Shredder

    Features mangles of web pages into something different.

  • Universal Translator

    Displays translator of the webs into skinhead, pimp, smurf, aussie, cockney and redneck.

  • Web Collage

    Contains extermination of all rational thoughts.

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