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German Wines

  • Bassermann-Jordan

    Influenced German wine regulations and fundamental works on winery. Presents history, vineyards and types of product.

  • Dr. Loosen

    Estate maintains ungrafted vines and proceed with gentler cellar practices.

  • Freiherr von Heddesdorff

    Winery specializes sparkling Riesling wine. Presents viniculture and character of products.

  • Fürst von Metternich

    Produces traditional riesling sparkling wine with special character and culture. Presents royal events and history.

  • Georg Breuer

    Winery founded in 1880 increased export of wines. Presents vintage report, vineyard and wines.

  • Hans Lang

    Contains details on winery approach and winemaking. Provides list and description of wines.

  • Lingenfelder Estate

    Family-operated winery produces diverse selection of wines from different grape varieties. Includes vineyard and cellar information.

  • Max Ferd Richter

    Ownership estate produces Riesling-wines and variety of flavored products.

  • Maximin Grunhaus

    Estate with vineyard that provides warm micro-climate for wine production. Presents history, vintages and wines.

  • S.A. Pruem Winery

    Traditionally produce riesling wines. Includes terroir and cellar details, history and events list.

  • Schloss Johannisberg/Rheingau

    Estate with selective hands-on harvest, voluntary declassification, reductive treatment, controlled fermentation and traditional oak cask maturation.

  • Schloss Vollrads

    Details estate history, exclusive events, and wine varieties.

  • Schmitt Soehne

    Small regional winery incorporates new technology and techniques into the traditional production of German wines.

  • Wein and Sektgut Thielen

    Family of winemakers produces riesling wine varieties with traditional methods. Includes tasting notes and events list.

  • Weingut Alfred Reis

    Grows Dornfelder grape, and produces dry Mosel red and Müller-Thurga white wines. Presents product list, tips, winery and vineyards.

  • Weingut Baron Knyphausen

    Estate focuses on growing the traditional Rheingau varieties, riesling and pinot noir.

  • Weingut Dr. Nägler

    Maintains traditional cultivation and riesling wine's characteristics. Provides price list and winetasting notes.

  • Weingut Fritz Perabo A.

    Small family firm with ecological wine growing methods and handcrafted wines. Details history, events and location.

  • Weingut J.&H. A. Strub

    Family winery with classic or single vineyard categories produces typical varietal wine character.

  • Weingut Klumpp

    Family-run winery with modern technology and organic winegrowing methods. With history, statistics, and product list.

  • Weingut Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

    Historical estate carries riesling tradition and production. With facts and figures, wine classification and vintage report.

  • Weingut Robert Weil

    Wine estate with viticulture tradition and quality-oriented practices. Presents basic to sweer riesling wines.

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