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Angostura Ltd.

Presents information on where to buy the product and a recipe on each of the style of the product.


Introduces aperitif and soda with an alcohol content. Includes product and taste details.


Features the company's advertising information, downloads, photos, and a history.


Presents the products' history, location, the cocktails, and contact details.

Carolans Irish Cream Liquer

Presents the company's biography, downloads, and contact information.

Celtic Spirit Company

Featuring line of Welsh spirit and liqueur products. With list of events, cocktails, and recipes. CelticSpiritCo


Shows the company'scooking procedure, galleries, history, and the tourist information.

Cock O' the North

Presents background information of the company. With photos, news, links, and contact details.


Renowned brand of spirit made from orange peels. Presents story, cocktails and cuisine, and FAQs.

Curacao Liqueur

Site provides history of the liqueur, its recipes and line of products.

Damiana Liqueur

Mexican herbal-based liqueur presents product details and recipes.

Daniel Rogov - Liqueurs on the Menu

Presents the different kinds of liqueurs. With a discussion forum and the recipes.

De Kuyper Liqueurs

Contains the special products of the company. Includes photos and contact details.

Disaronno Amaretto

Presents the company's heritage and its special recipe using herbs and fruist to make a liqueur.

Doodley's Original Toffee and Vodka

Provides history, list of awards, several cocktails and drinks, and FAQs.


Traditional hazelnut liqueur from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. Presents recipes, mixes and history.

Grand Mariner

Cognac-based liqueurs with collection of various styles and recipes.


Blend of Italian brandy with various flavor for all occasion. Includes overview on heritage and recipes.

Irish Mist

Whiskey with honey, herbs and ancient flavors. With selection of recipes and list of distributor.

Jagermeister Liqueur

Provides legend overview, activities like racing and music programs, and recipes.

Kahlua Liqueurs

Exotic drink includes various recipes and serving styles, and gift labels.

Licor 43

Produced with reserve formulas and techniques. Includes list of traders, bar scene and myxoloxy.

Licor Beirao

Details liqueur's characteristics, taste classification and drinking recommendations.

Limoncello di Capri

Lemon flavored drink from the island of Sorrento. Includes historical details of the product and list of various styles.

Liqueur Web - Making Liqueurs and Cordials

Contains recipes on fruity, herbal, coffee and various essence and flavors, and links to related topics.


Article on liqueur-making includes recipes, tools and materials, techniques, methods and processing details.

Liquoristerie de Provence

Drink with variety of flavors from different plant essence. With recipes and cocktails.


Melon liqueur with a sweet, fruity taste. Offers recipes and videos guides on how to make them.


Liqueur with various flavors and fruity tastes from Central America.


Contains combination of star anise and several aromatic herbs and plants.

St. Brendan's

Showcases production particulars of this Irish cream liqueur.

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