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Liqueur is a sweetened liquor produced by combining a base spirit (brandy, rum, or whiskey) and flavorings such as fruits, herbs, nuts, spices, and cream. The distinctive flavor comes from the beverage's 20%-40% alcohol and 20%-30% sugar composition.
  • Angostura Ltd.

    Presents information on where to buy the product and a recipe on each of the style of the product.

  • Aperol

    Introduces aperitif and soda with an alcohol content. Includes product and taste details.

  • Becherovka

    Features the company's advertising information, downloads, photos, and a history.

  • Benedictine

    Presents the products' history, location, the cocktails, and contact details.

  • Carolans Irish Cream Liquer

    Presents the company's biography, downloads, and contact information.

  • Celtic Spirit Company

    Featuring line of Welsh spirit and liqueur products. With list of events, cocktails, and recipes. CelticSpiritCo

  • Chartreuse

    Shows the company'scooking procedure, galleries, history, and the tourist information.

  • Cointreau

    Renowned brand of spirit made from orange peels. Presents story, cocktails and cuisine, and FAQs.

  • Curacao Liqueur

    Site provides history of the liqueur, its recipes and line of products.

  • Damiana Liqueur

    Mexican herbal-based liqueur presents product details and recipes.

  • Daniel Rogov - Liqueurs on the Menu

    Presents the different kinds of liqueurs. With a discussion forum and the recipes.

  • Disaronno Amaretto

    Presents the company's heritage and its special recipe using herbs and fruist to make a liqueur.

  • Doodley's Original Toffee and Vodka

    Provides history, list of awards, several cocktails and drinks, and FAQs.

  • Frangelico

    Traditional hazelnut liqueur from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. Presents recipes, mixes and history.

  • Grand Mariner

    Cognac-based liqueurs with collection of various styles and recipes.

  • GranGala

    Blend of Italian brandy with various flavor for all occasion. Includes overview on heritage and recipes.

  • Jagermeister Liqueur

    Provides legend overview, activities like racing and music programs, and recipes.

  • Licor 43

    Produced with reserve formulas and techniques. Includes list of traders, bar scene and myxoloxy.

  • Licor Beirao

    Details liqueur's characteristics, taste classification and drinking recommendations.

  • Lillet

    Details product discovery, presents label and original poster, and tasting notes.

  • Limoncello di Capri

    Lemon flavored drink from the island of Sorrento. Includes historical details of the product and list of various styles.

  • Liqueur Web - Making Liqueurs and Cordials

    Contains recipes on fruity, herbal, coffee and various essence and flavors, and links to related topics.

  • Liqueurs

    Article on liqueur-making includes recipes, tools and materials, techniques, methods and processing details.

  • Liquoristerie de Provence

    Drink with variety of flavors from different plant essence. With recipes and cocktails.

  • Midori

    Melon liqueur with a sweet, fruity taste. Offers recipes and videos guides on how to make them.

  • Passoa

    Liqueur with various flavors and fruity tastes from Central America.

  • Pernod

    Contains combination of star anise and several aromatic herbs and plants.

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