Cocktails in the Best of the Web Directory


  • About Cocktails

    Produces cocktails made from herbal plants. Includes buyer's guide and contact information.

  • Acats Internet Bar Pages

    Contains teachings on the noble art of bartending. Presents details of the drink of the month.

  • AwesomeDrinks

    Shows all the home bar essentials such as classic metal shakers, jiggers and ponies, cocktail straws and napkins.


    Discusses recipes and tips on creating various alcholic and non-alchoholic drinks.

  • Barmano

    Find, make and discuss drink recipes. Site also includes a worldwide bar directory. Available in multiple languages.

  • Bar-None Drink Recipes

    Mixed drink recipe collection includes newsletters, updates, games and related links.

  • Bartender Magazine

    Shows cocktail recipes, subscription information, and submission details.

  • Bolscocktails

    Provides series of cocktail collection, classic and modern recipes, drink database and liqueur range.

  • Cocktail Builder

    Provides a cocktail mix recipe out of a number of user-provided ingredients.

  • Daily's Cocktails and Mixers

    Offers cocktail of distinct flavor and ingredients. Also provides bartending tips, mixes, and recipes.

  • Drinknation

    Compiles series of mixed drink recipes by ingredient, theme, and class, games and bartending tips.

  • iBoozer

    Lists fundamentals of mixology, games, recipes, party tips and tricks, and featured drinks.

  • iCocktail

    Cocktail recipes with pictures.

  • King Cocktail

    Highlights the company's techniques and talents for tending bar establishments. Includes photos of products.

  • Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails

    Presents membership information, commentaries, and meeting schedules.

  • Martinis Online

    Provides an news archives, recipe lists, and contact information of the company.

  • Mixology Department

    Established in 1997, owned and run by working bartenders offers services like trainings and sourcing of rare and exotic drinks.

  • Schweppes

    Includes extensive mixology methods, entertainment, classic recipes, and bar mixes.

  • Soda Syphons

    Presents new collection, price guides, brochure, articles, and links to collectors and suppliers.

  • Ultimate Mai Tai

    Details history and drink origin, original recipes and variants, awards and reviews. Includes list of recipes and mixed results.

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