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About Cocktails

Produces cocktails made from herbal plants. Includes buyer's guide and contact information.

Acats Internet Bar Pages

Contains teachings on the noble art of bartending. Presents details of the drink of the month.


Shows all the home bar essentials such as classic metal shakers, jiggers and ponies, cocktail straws and napkins.

Discusses recipes and tips on creating various alcholic and non-alchoholic drinks.


Find, make and discuss drink recipes. Site also includes a worldwide bar directory. Available in multiple languages.

Bar-None Drink Recipes

Mixed drink recipe collection includes newsletters, updates, games and related links.

Bartender Magazine

Shows cocktail recipes, subscription information, and submission details.

Cocktail Builder

Provides a cocktail mix recipe out of a number of user-provided ingredients.

Cocktail Central

Database contains recipe details, list of several ingredients, and glossary.

Cocktail Time

Presents the unique cocktail accessory of the company. Includes a list of products and contact details.

Daily's Cocktails and Mixers

Offers cocktail of distinct flavor and ingredients. Also provides bartending tips, mixes, and recipes.

De Kuyper Liqueurs

Provides cocktail directory, range of liqueurs and specials, and latest mixes and tips.


Compiles series of mixed drink recipes by ingredient, theme, and class, games and bartending tips.


Lists fundamentals of mixology, games, recipes, party tips and tricks, and featured drinks.

International Bartenders' Association I.B.A.

Features definitions of cocktails, offers equipment guides, and compiles photo galleries.


Presents an in-depth guide into the broad selection of cocktail drinks.

King Cocktail

Highlights the company's techniques and talents for tending bar establishments. Includes photos of products.

Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails

Presents membership information, commentaries, and meeting schedules.

Martinis Online

Provides an news archives, recipe lists, and contact information of the company.

Mattoni Grand Drink

Presents the company's drink recipes, news highlights, events schedules, and cocktail articles.

Mixology Department

Established in 1997, owned and run by working bartenders offers services like trainings and sourcing of rare and exotic drinks.


Includes extensive mixology methods, entertainment, classic recipes, and bar mixes.

Soda Syphons

Presents new collection, price guides, brochure, articles, and links to collectors and suppliers.

Ultimate Mai Tai

Details history and drink origin, original recipes and variants, awards and reviews. Includes list of recipes and mixed results.

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