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The ACME Chocolate Registry

Shows a registration information form where one can register chocolate of preference so that friends and relatives know what to buy.

All About Chocolate

Shows all the flavors of chocolate with its history and the procedure of making the product.

Chocoholics Unite

Shows a description of a person who are chocoholic. With its membership information.

The Chocolate Lover's Page

Provides a guide in purchasing a chocolate with news updates and contact details.

Chocolate Review

Resource for chocolate products reviews, news, and discussion forums.

Compilation of articles and information about chocolate.

Chocolate's Frothy Past

Reports unearthed cocoa residue in pots dating to 600 BC.

Features reviews of fine chocolate and related news.

Cloister's Chocolate Review

Presents several books relating to chocolates and recipes. Also includes related links about chocolate.

Hershey Archives

Provides a history of Hershey. With its collections and research studies regarding the product.

Johnny's Chocolates and Pralines Survival Guide

Includes information on how to buy chocolates. With a brief description of each section in this guide.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Craft chocolate hand created then beautifully wrapped in crafted papers. Factory is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Name that Candy Bar

Part of the Science Museum of Minnesota's Thinking Foundation. With image selection of chocolate bars.

Delivers New Orleans pecan pralines, a southern confection.

Sweet Science of Chocolate

Presents show archive and features chocolate history, American culture implications and chemical properties.


Presents chocolate ingredients and manufacturing details, assortment and recipes, and FAQs.

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