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Birding in Florida

  • Archives of Floridabirds

    Contains a massive archive of messages from bird enthusiasts.

  • Birds of Polk County, Florida

    Provides an overview of the place as well as brief descriptions of the sighting areas.

  • Birds of Sanibel Island

    Provides an overview of the place as a bird sighting area in Florida. Includes photo images of various species observed.

  • Caloosa Bird Club

    Organization that studies birds, including their habitats, population and sounds. Provides information about their events.

  • Everglades Florida Birds and Wildlife

    Shows photo images of species with brief descriptions. Also includes links for sources.

  • FlaBirding - Florida and Bahama Birding

    Provides a place where birdwatchers can converge and exchange ideas about birdwatching.

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

    Aims to protect and preserve various animals and their habitats. Also provides information about birds and watching places in the locale.

  • Florida Museum of Natural History - Ornithology

    Features sound clips of avian species native to Florida.

  • Florida Ornithological Society

    Contains information about the committees, meetings, publications, and field observations of the group of ornithologists.

  • Florida’s Birds

    Contains information about common species, including their habitats and the kinds of food they eat. Includes guidelines on how to attract this kind of animals.

  • Florida's Birding Hotspots

    Provides descriptions of Florida's prominent bird sighting areas. Includes details on types species that can be seen in the area.

  • Great Florida Trail

    Agenda of the organization promotes preservation of wildlife species. Aims to give birding guide information on various sighting places throughout the county.

  • Hummingbirds of Florida

    Reviews description, range, nesting, flying feats, feeding and feeders, gardening tips, and favorite plants.

  • International Osprey Foundation

    Organization promotes the protection and conservation of the species and their territories. Includes photographs and descriptions of the raptors.

  • National Wildlife Refuge Bird Checklists – Florida

    Provides a map of the republic. Plus information on birding activity in the locale and other related links for sources.

  • North Florida Birds

    Compiles information from enthusiast about birds and birding activity in the locale and other areas like South Georgia and South Alabama.

  • Save Our Seabirds

    Non-profit organization provides care and treatment to the sick and wounded traveling birds in Florida. Includes information on educational programs.

  • Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

    Contains information on annual celebration. Includes activities like field tours, seminars, photography workshops and kayak trips in Florida.

  • Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

    Provides information about the non-profit sanatorium for wild birds in the United States.

  • SW Florida - Birdline

    Collects reports from any enthusiast about the species, their distributions, and their habitats in the locale.

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