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Birding in California

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Category lists resources and sites pertaining to birding and birdwatching in California.
  • Audubon Canyon Ranch

    Gives educational programs on the protection and preservation of wild life species and their environment.

  • Bird Friends of San Diego County

    Displays photo images and descriptions of various avian species. Also contains a list of sighting areas in the region.

  • Birds of Kern County, California

    Provides list of different types of species recorded in the area. Includes photo images and information about their habitats.

  • Birds of Orange County, California

    Displays collections of photo images of the different types of species seen in the area. Also includes details about their habitats and population status.

  • Calbirds

    Provides a venue where watchers of wildbirds native to California can discuss birdwatching topics among themselves.

  • California Bird Records Committee

    Allows access to population records of common and rare species in the area. Also shows photo images of scarcely-seen birds.

  • California Hotspots

    Contains information on various bird sighting areas in the region. Also includes other related links of sources.

  • California Native Bird Gardening

    Guidelines for attracting birds. Includes photo images and details on their habitats.

  • California Parrot Project

    Group of ornithologist involved in researching and monitoring about the population as well as the behavior of the species. Also includes other related links for references.

  • California Partners in Flight

    Organization advocates for the protection and preservation of traveling birds and their territories. Includes information about educational programs and assemblies.

  • California Raptor Center

    Promotes community awareness about the preservation of wild species and is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds of prey.

  • Central Valley Bird Club

    Provides information on events and programs of the group. Includes list of bird watching places in the locale.

  • Central Valley Birds

    Collects information from citizens in the province regarding birds and birding activity.

  • East Bay Nature

    Sells products for backyard birding, includes feeds and nest boxes. Also includes guidelines for the recreational activity.

  • Eastern Sierra Audubon Society

    Organizes programs and activities about the conservation of birds and their habitats. Includes photo images of the species.

  • Kern County Birding Localities

    Provides a map and descriptions about bird sighing areas in the region.

  • Kern River Valley Turkey Vulture Festival

    Information about the annual celebration. Also provides details on programs and events.

  • Los Angeles Corporation – Birds

    Discusses wild species, their habitats and sighting places in county.

  • Luke Cole’

    Displays personal travel photo album. Includes discussions of scarce birds in California.


    Contains scripts and reports about birds. Also presents publication lists.

  • Mono Lake Committee

    Gathers information enthusiasts about birds and sighting places. Also provides historical background of the area.

  • Monterey Birding Adventures

    Company offers bird watching excursions for individuals and groups.

  • Moro Bay Winter Bird Festival

    Contains information about the annual celebration. Also includes details about its events.

  • Mostly Birds

    Presents photographs of species taken from different counties.

  • Orange County Birding

    Compiles collections of reports from enthusiasts in the province about birds and sighting places.

  • Point Reyes Bird Observatory

    Dedicated in protecting and preserving wild species and their habitats through research and educational programs.

  • San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory

    Advocates for the preservation of avian species and their habitats through awareness programs.

  • San Francisco Birding and Beyond

    Presents personal monthly field journal about unusual birds seen in different places. Also provides a naming quiz.

  • San Francisco Birds

    Discusses about avian species and the preservation of their habitats.

  • San Luis Obispo County Birding

    Gathers information about common and rare birds seen in the city.

  • Santa Barbara County Birding

    Group of enthusiasts discusses about birds, their habitats, and ideal watching places in the city.

  • Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group

    Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research GroupConducts research studies and educational programs to foster conservation of falcons and other avian species.

  • Sierra-NevadaBirds

    Compiles reports of enthusiasts in the locale about birds and bird watching.

  • Tom Grey's Bird Pictures

    Personal birding site provides a collection of photographs, resources and technical information.


    Provides guide information on sighting places in California as well as Europe. Also includes historical background of ornithology in United States.

  • Ventana Wilderness Society

    Non-profit organization advocates for the conservation of the raptors and their habitats through education and outreach programs. Includes other related links for sources.

  • Venturacobirding

    Compiles reports from enthusiasts about flora and fauna and sighting places in the locale.

  • Yolo County Birding Guide

    List of scarce avian species, bird checklist and area guide to birding.

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