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Birding in Ontario

Birding Guide to Pt. Pelee, Windsor and Essex County

Provides an overview of bird sighting areas, including Point Pelee National Park, Hillman Marsh and Lake Erie Shoreline.

Friends of Presqu'ile Park

Displays a map of the place. Includes information of birding activity as well as schedules of the events.

Hawk Cliff Foundation

Organization dedicated to the preservation of raptors and other wild life species in the region through research studies.

Huron Fringe Birding Festival

Information of annual celebration held in MacGregor Point in relation to the wild life species, including birds as well as its habitats in the region. Includes schedule of events.

Jean Iron's Photos

Displays collections of photo images of various species, specifically birds seen in different places.

Kingston Field Naturalists

Charitable organization aims to promote protection and preservation of habitats of wild species. Provides information about various events and activities, including field excursions and nature hikes.

Muskoka Bird Board

Provides list of sighting areas in the region. Also includes other related links for sources.

Muskoka Nature News

Compiles reports in relation to the environment and wild life species in the province. Includes photo images of birds, butterflies, moths and dragonflies.

Nature Stuff – Tours and Things

Contains information guides for birding activity. Includes documented reports related to birds.

NeilyWorld: Birding

Presents a bird finding guide in Ottawa for enthusiasts. Also includes brief details on sighting areas as well as photo images of species.

Ontario Bird Banding Association

Cooperates with other organizations on research studies and observations of the species in the province.

Ontario Field Ornithologists

Organizes meetings and field excursions with the objective of protecting avian species as well as their habitats.

Ontario Naturalists

Aims to promote preservation and rehabilitation of the habitats of avian species in the province. Includes other related links for sources.

Ontario's Biodiversity: Field Guides

Provides a map of the region. Also presents details on the species seen in the area including birds, amphibians, and fish.

Ottawa Field Naturalist’s Club

Organizes assembles and field excursions to people in the province to promote preservation of the wildlife species and their habitats.

Pembroke Area Field Naturalists

Provides a map that serves as a birding guide in the region. Includes a list of species and other related links for sources.

Prince Edward Point – Bird Observatory

Non-profit organization gathers information from citizen concerns on the species in the region. Also organizes activities and programs.

South Peel Naturalists' Club

Aims to promote awareness on the protection and preservation of various avian species as well as their habitats in the province.

Thunder Bay Field Naturalists

Organization gives educational awareness on the conservation of the ecosystem as habitat for common and rare species. Includes photo images and other related links for reference.

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