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Birding North America


Offers online guide services for birding activity in the country. Also includes details on various sighting areas in the country.

American Bird Center

Promotes awareness on the conservation of birds in the country. Also includes resources.

American Birding Association

Caters to North American recreational birders with history, publications, events, conservation, resources, and information for young birders.

Bird Information Website

Displays collection of photo images on various species in the Antartica and North America areas. Also includes list of sighting areas.

Bird Watcher's Digest

Offers magazine products containing information related to birding activity and also the various species.

Sells videos of Sparrow and Warblers that shows the behaviors and habitats of the species.

Birds of North America Online

Provides information on the characteristics, distribution, migration and habitats of various species. Also includes search features.

Birds-Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Contains information on research, citizen science as well as education and conservation programs for wildlife species in North America.


Promotes protection and preservation of birds in the country; and discusses the distribution of the species.

Provides stories, videos, and birding tips dedicated to any bird enthusiasts.

Compiles birding destinations, festivals, and tour companies.

Boreal Songbird Initiative

Non-profit organization aims to give education to the people concerning the protection and preservation of the forests.

Familiar Birds

Highlights the series of volumes regarding on the North American bird ecology.

Great Backyard Bird Count

Offers annual event dates, resources and tools, statistics and data form.

Hawk Migration Association of North America

Non-profit organization supports protection and conservation of raptor inhabitants. Includes information on upcoming activities.

Contains descriptions and brief details on various classes; and provides tips in attracting, feeding and caring of the species.

North America Rare Bird Alert

Provides documented reports regarding rare species in North America. Includes photo images and details on sighting areas.

North American Bird Sounds

Discusses the areas and habitats of the listed species. Also provides recorded voices of the birds.

North American Birds Photo Gallery

Shows images of various species, according to its categories, which can be seen in the country.

Old Bird

Provides sources to any enthusiasts in launching posts to observe night flight calls of migrating birds. Also includes information on products.

Partners in Flight

Focuses on the protection and conservation of bird species.

Patuxent - Bird Population Studies

Provides information on the researches conducted. Includes list and identification tips of the bird species.

Peterson Birding Resources

Provides list of related sources regarding on the species as well as information for activity.

Sibley Guides

Offers a collection of birding guides. Also includes information on events and programs.


Provides ornithological names of the various types of birds.

Virtual Birder

Provides information on birding tours in North America. Also includes photo gallery of various species.


Aims to identify species in North America. Also includes search features.

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