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Aviation Regulations

Airways New Zealand

Indicates the rendered services focusing in air delivery of passengers and cargo. Includes industry updates.

Carnival Booth: An Algorithm for Defeating the Computer-Assisted Passenger Screening System

Summarizes a proposed procedure for evaluating aviation passengers in public airlines. Presents detailed implications and applications of the scheme.

Civil Aviation Authority – Safety Regulation Group

Conducts improvement and other related security functions for the aircraft industry.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Highlights news updates of the aviation industry. Cites procedures and rules imposed.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Overview of the organization’s functions in providing licensing procedures for professions involved in the aircraft industry.

Federal Aviation Regulations

Presents an archive of documents presenting the implemented policies in the industry.

How the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Works

Articles presented discuss the functions of the organization in managing different procedures of aircraft regulations.

Irish Aviation Authority

Introduction to its operations in imposing policies and managing air traffic. With news updates.

Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority

Involved in providing certifications, licensing procedures and approvals for air traffic industry.


Archive of articles providing discussions on the industry. Cites references for pilots and crews.

South African Civil Aviation Authority

Functions as regulator of policies for the safety and efficiency of the aircraft industry in the region.

UK Civil Aviation Authority

Specialist in implementing policies for airspace safety and economic considerations.

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