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The BD-5 Home Page

Official site providing information about the Bede Aircraft BD-5, which is an experimental, homebuilt, and single-seat high performance aircraft.

Bill Hammond's Kitfox Series 6 Project - N913KF

Shows a detailed progress of Bill Hammond as he attempts to build innovative avionics systems.

Bob Hassel and Jan Martinez Homepage

Documentary chronicling the progress and processes of building a Van's RV9/RV9A aircraft.

Building Velocity XL RG N724X

Presents technical information and pictures on the construction process of a Velocity XL RG experimental kitplane.

Glasair Super II RG Construction Log

Contains information such as manufacturing techniques and aircraft modifications, along with pictures with comments and related links.

James Redmon's Berkut Page

Contains technical information and images of the Berkut #013 homebuilt aircraft.

Kathleen's RV-7a builder's Site

Contains technical information, images, and builder's log of the Vans RV-7a experimental homebuilt aircraft.

Murray Johnson's Hangar

Features information and images that chronicles the progress of Murray Johnson's aircraft projects.

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