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Houses a variety of resources related to antique clocks and watches including chats and discussion forums and organizations formed for clock collectors and horologists. Types of clocks mentioned include: Atmos, Attleboro, and Westclox.
  • Antique Ansonia Clocks

    Provides a history of the Ansonia Clock Company, with model names, trademarks, labels and photos.

  • Antique Clock and Watch Repair

    Specializes in clock and watch repair and sales of mechanical, electric and battery clocks, watches, wall and mantle clocks.

  • Antique Horology

    Contains a directory of names and makers of antique clocks, watches, and barometers.

  • Antique Timepieces

    Antique clock repair, vintage watches, antique clocks, watches and watch stands sold.

  • Attleboro Clock Company

    Gathers documents and related data about the antique Attleboro clocks.

  • Barrie’s Virtual Museum of Clocks

    Presents collection of a wide variety of antique and vintage clocks. With photos and listing of makers sorted by name.

  • Black Forest Clock Collectors

    Offering news and information on Black Forest clocks, plus a forum.

  • British History Online: Clock and Watch Making

    Provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of clock and watch making through British history.

  • Chronocentric

    Non-commercial resource for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of Omega and other fine wristwatches.

  • Clock and Watch History

    Offers an outline of the history of clocks and wrist watches.

  • The Clock Register

    Open source collection of clock information designed to be of use to clock enthusiasts and traders.


    Provides historical information about Westclox, a clock manufacturing company. Contains catalog illustrations, photos, and resources about their products.

  • Clockmaster, Inc.

    Sells new and vintage clocks and watches and services and repairs most makes of clocks and watches.

  • Clockmasters

    Offering house calls for new or antique grandfather clocks, clock cleaning and oiling, overhaul and installing of new bushings, gear repair and installation of new clockworks.

  • Clocks Americana

    Antique clock repair, watches, wall clocks, collectable clocks, grandfather clocks, table clocks, mantel clocks, wristwatches and pocket watches for sale.

  • Clocks Magazine

    Monthly horological magazine offers subscription information, articles and details of the current issue.

  • Electric Clocks

    Offers a history of the evolution of electric clocks.

  • Farfalla Clock Company

    Features both antique clocks and new clocks for sale and repairs all clocks from floor clocks to watches.

  • Gillis Vintage Watches and Clocks

    Sells, buys, consigns and trades vintage and pre-owned contemporary wrist watches, pocket watches, clocks and fine jewelry and collectibles.

  • Homestead Clocks

    Repairs, cleans, oils, adjusts and restores heirloom antique clocks and offers home service.

  • Horology Stuff

    Enthusiast presents a wide variety of information on clock and watch types, makes, mechanics and history, with further articles about time and about motion.

  • Interstate Time Company

    Provides a collection of facts about American pocket watches. Also showcases antique and featured clocks of the month.

  • LAPADA Guide to Antique Clocks

    Features an expert guide to antique clocks and their makers.

  • Merritt’s Antiques

    Offering clock and watch repair tools, supplies, parts and books and antique American and European wall clocks, shelf clocks and grandfather clocks.

  • National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

    Provides a directory of horological resources, plus information on membership of this association.

  • Perfect Tyme

    Repairs clocks, provides maintenance and servicing of grandfather, cuckoo and antique clocks.

  • Phil Coleman's Home Page

    Site devoted to model engineering, miniature engines and amateur clockmaking including a data base of clock designs, clock plans and clock books for clock builders and the home shop machinist.

  • Roger Russell's Mystery Clock History Page

    Presents pictures and information about a selection of mystery clocks from assorted time periods.

  • Save America's Clocks

    Nonprofit organization focused on locating and assisting the preservation and maintenance of all public clocks in the US.

  • Saving Time

    Providing restoration, conservation, and advisory services to collectors and dealers of antique and vintage clocks and watches.

  • Stephen Bogoff

    Offering antique pocket watches, vintage wrist watches, and small horological and mechanical objects including carriage clocks, singing bird boxes, erotic automatons, and musical boxes.

  • Sundials on the Internet

    Provides information on sundials, including technical details and photos of sundials the author has found.

  • Thee Clockmaker's Shoppe

    Specializes in the service and repair of antique and modern clocks and selling weather and nautical instruments such as sandglasses, barometers, thermometers, stormglasses, compasses, sextants and nautical bells.

  • Timekeepers of Escondido

    Offering watch, clock and jewelry repair and sells rare, unusual, collectible and museum quality timepieces.

  • UK and Irish Clock and Watch Makers (c1600-c1940)

    Provides a list of British and Irish makers for historical research purposes.

  • Vienna Regulators

    Provides information about antique regulator clocks from 1815 to the 1920's. Includes images and links to other resources.

  • Watchalyzer

    Magazine devoted to horology and the appreciation and collection of wrist watches.

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