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Antique Clocks and Watches

  • Antique Ansonia Clocks

    Provides a history of the Ansonia Clock Company, with model names, trademarks, labels and photos.

  • Antique Horology

    Contains a directory of names and makers of antique clocks, watches, and barometers.

  • Antique Timepieces

    Antique clock repair, vintage watches, antique clocks, watches and watch stands sold.

  • Attleboro Clock Company

    Gathers documents and related data about the antique Attleboro clocks.

  • Barrie’s Virtual Museum of Clocks

    Presents collection of a wide variety of antique and vintage clocks. With photos and listing of makers sorted by name.

  • Black Forest Clock Collectors

    Offering news and information on Black Forest clocks, plus a forum.

  • British History Online: Clock and Watch Making

    Provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of clock and watch making through British history.

  • Chronocentric

    Non-commercial resource for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of Omega and other fine wristwatches.

  • Clock and Watch History

    Offers an outline of the history of clocks and wrist watches.

  • The Clock Register

    Open source collection of clock information designed to be of use to clock enthusiasts and traders.


    Provides historical information about Westclox, a clock manufacturing company. Contains catalog illustrations, photos, and resources about their products.

  • Clockmaster, Inc.

    Sells new and vintage clocks and watches and services and repairs most makes of clocks and watches.

  • Clockmasters

    Offering house calls for new or antique grandfather clocks, clock cleaning and oiling, overhaul and installing of new bushings, gear repair and installation of new clockworks.

  • Clocks Magazine

    Monthly horological magazine offers subscription information, articles and details of the current issue.

  • Clocktiques

    Sells antique or new clocks, formal clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, wall clocks and mantle clocks.

  • Electric Clocks

    Offers a history of the evolution of electric clocks.

  • Gillis Vintage Watches and Clocks

    Sells, buys, consigns and trades vintage and pre-owned contemporary wrist watches, pocket watches, clocks and fine jewelry and collectibles.

  • Homestead Clocks

    Repairs, cleans, oils, adjusts and restores heirloom antique clocks and offers home service.

  • Horology Stuff

    Enthusiast presents a wide variety of information on clock and watch types, makes, mechanics and history, with further articles about time and about motion.

  • LAPADA Guide to Antique Clocks

    Features an expert guide to antique clocks and their makers.

  • Merritt’s Antiques

    Offering clock and watch repair tools, supplies, parts and books and antique American and European wall clocks, shelf clocks and grandfather clocks.

  • National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

    Provides a directory of horological resources, plus information on membership of this association.

  • Perfect Tyme

    Repairs clocks, provides maintenance and servicing of grandfather, cuckoo and antique clocks.

  • Phil Coleman's Home Page

    Site devoted to model engineering, miniature engines and amateur clockmaking including a data base of clock designs, clock plans and clock books for clock builders and the home shop machinist.

  • Roger Russell's Mystery Clock History Page

    Presents pictures and information about a selection of mystery clocks from assorted time periods.

  • Save America's Clocks

    Nonprofit organization focused on locating and assisting the preservation and maintenance of all public clocks in the US.

  • Saving Time

    Providing restoration, conservation, and advisory services to collectors and dealers of antique and vintage clocks and watches.

  • Stephen Bogoff

    Offering antique pocket watches, vintage wrist watches, and small horological and mechanical objects including carriage clocks, singing bird boxes, erotic automatons, and musical boxes.

  • Sundials on the Internet

    Provides information on sundials, including technical details and photos of sundials the author has found.

  • Timekeepers of Escondido

    Offering watch, clock and jewelry repair and sells rare, unusual, collectible and museum quality timepieces.

  • UK and Irish Clock and Watch Makers (c1600-c1940)

    Provides a list of British and Irish makers for historical research purposes.

  • Vienna Regulators

    Provides information about antique regulator clocks from 1815 to the 1920's. Includes images and links to other resources.

  • Watchalyzer

    Magazine devoted to horology and the appreciation and collection of wrist watches.

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