February 2000 CNN.com Entertainment News in the Best of the Web Directory

February 2000 CNN.com Entertainment News

CNN Entertainment Movies: Leaving Los Angeles – Expo Highlights New Horizons

Provides coverage of the event that promotes various film locations in the world.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – ‘Reindeer Games’ A Loser

Summarizes the story of the film and provides a brief analysis of its content. Also contains recommended articles and links to other sites.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – ‘Titus’ Long on Images, Short on Content

Contains analysis, commentary, and summary of the film and its actors. Also provides photos and links to related sites.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – A ‘Boiler’ That Bubbles

Discusses the featured film’s potential as a blockbuster hit in theaters. Also contains photos and links to other sites and articles.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – Mob Comedy ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ Not a 10

Highlights the storyline and creative elements of the featured Hollywood film that topped the charts.

CNN Entertainment Music: ‘Puffy’ Combs Indicted on Bribery Charges

Reports legal proceedings filed against the American rapper. Includes links to other articles and sites related to the topic.

CNN Entertainment Music: Israelis Mourn Death of Singer Ofra Haza

Commemorates the internationally-known musical icon that brought pride to her country. Also contains photo and list of recommended articles.

CNN Entertainment Music: Review – Vassar Finds His Voice

Provides critical study of the artist and the quality of his work. Also contains brief background of his career.

CNN Entertainment Music: Santana’s Smooth Comeback

Briefly summarizes the come-back of the Latin musician with his multi-awarded album.

CNN Entertainment TV: Gifford Announces She’ll Leave Morning Talk Show

Relates account on the retirement of the female television host. Also contains photo, articles, and links to recommended sites.

CNN Entertainment TV: Sunny Tunes, Stormy Relations – Beach Boys’ Tale on TV

Features the beginnings of the group whose fame transcended across time. Includes photos and list of other recommended articles.

CNN Entertainment TV: Will Fox be Kept From the Chickens, er, Ratings?

Discusses issues brought about reality-based television series. Includes the networks stand on the controversy that triggered a public uproar.

CNN Grammy 2000: Elton John’s Week – Two Awards from NARAS

Features development of the music celebrity’s career adding more recognitions and accomplishments under his wing.

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