May 1999 Book News in the Best of the Web Directory

May 1999 Book News

CNN Book News: ‘The Complete Angler’

Previews summary of discussion related in the manuscript on the art of fly-fishing, including guidelines and different concepts entailed in the sport.

CNN Book News: Ersatz Nabokov Fools the Big Boys

Narrates incidence of an imitator of the known author’s writing style and the legal process that happened afterwards because of the action made.

CNN Book News: In Defense of Science Fiction

Promotes the particular category of literature as the discussion delves into its multi-faceted aspects and compares it to other styles of writing.

CNN Book News: Japanese Denial and The Rape of Nanking

Conveys the themes and views that the author wished to impart to his readers on the quality and significance of the country’s literature.

CNN Book News: Sun Rising on Hemingway Centenary in Key West

Commemorates the legacy left behind by the author and describes the celebration organized in his memory. Contains photos and links to articles and related pages.

CNN Chat Books: ‘Okay, So I Don’t Have a Headache’

Transcribes essential details to an interview of the author, which focused on the background of the published material.

CNN First Chapters: ‘Scars of Sweet Paradise – ‘The Life and Times of Janis Jopli

Focuses on the issues and analysis on the plot, style, and creativity of the material. Provides selection of text from the book’s original content as preview.

CNN First Chapters: ‘White Oleander’

Provides a selection of the book’s original content as preview of the novel.

CNN Interviews: A Child’s Death Gives Life to Seven Others

Offers insight and inspiration triggered by demise of the author’s son. Also provides transcription of his interview with reporter.

CNN Reader’s Café: Book Brings Space Down to Earth

Posts recommended reading materials for enthusiasts and summarizes the author’s narration of local history.

CNN Reader’s Café: Books for Pet People

Compiles list of recommended reading materials and discusses the contents offered.

CNN Reviews: ‘Sins of the Fathers’

Furnishes in-depth criticism of the novel’s plot and the elements used by its author to charm readers.

CNN Reviews: ‘The Calling’

Describes women of the cloth in a different perspective by delving into deeper matters and issues.

CNN Reviews: ‘The Migration of Ghosts’

Presents an analytical discussion of the critic on the theme of the published material, which is a compilation of short stories made by the author of the book.

CNN Reviews: ‘The Perfect Season: Why 1998 was Baseball’s Greatest Year’

Heralds the sport’s historical trivia in the particular year as seen through the eyes of a veteran athlete of the sport.

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