May 1999 Entertainment News in the Best of the Web Directory

May 1999 Entertainment News

CNN Entertainment Movies: ‘The School of Flesh’ – Sin Flick

Discusses adult content in films, the actors portraying the roles, and the significance it portrays to the industry.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Meet Aidan Quinn’s ‘Father,’ Brothers, and Sister

Relates collaborative efforts of the actor’s family in directing and producing a film that depicts their history.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – Julia, Hugh a Perfect Match for ‘Notting Hill’

Highlights the film’s attributing qualities and the background of its making. Also contains photos taken from the scenes.

CNN Entertainment Movies: The Biggest Indie Film Ever Made – Phantom Menace

Discusses the making of the film and the background of its creation. Also profiles its creators and the cost incurred.

CNN Entertainment Music: Pass the Jelly, Say the Flaming Lips

Discusses the proven potential of the band interested in its art and not commercialization.

CNN Entertainment Music: Wariner Says ‘Teardrops’ Brought Him Close To Fans

Details on the work of country music artist, including discussion on the song’s interpretation.

CNN Entertainment Music: Wilco Hopes to Ride Pop to the Top

Presents audio clips and videos of the musician’s works. Also includes discussion regarding the development of the artist’s career.

CNN Entertainment Showbuzz: The Buzz that Was

Features announcement clippings of major and minor issues and controversial events in Hollywood. Includes photos of the actors involved.

CNN Entertainment Television: ‘ER, NYPD Blue’ Fight Ratings Blues

Discusses the state of the top-rated American TV series. Also contains photos, articles, and links to related pages.

CNN Entertainment Television: Pals Revisit Scopes in ‘Inherit the Wind’

Provides background story of the actors working together on the same project and the rapport that made the film a success.

CNN Entertainment Television: Spike Lee – ‘ Do the Right thing,’ Join the Navy

Delves into the work of the director’s particular film, including its background details, the actors, and the plot.

CNN Entertainment Weekly: Producer’s Notebook – They Love Their Jobs at ‘Sports Night’

Consists of details and discussions on the film with the said title; also displays photos and links to articles and related pages.

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