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March 1999 Entertainment News

CNN Entertainment Movies: ‘Ed’ of the Internet – JenniCAM Going Strong After Three Years

Features the background of the reality show derived from an average woman’s life. Includes comparison with famous movies with relatively the same plot.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Broadway Royalty Gets Into Animated 'King & I'

Presents analytical criticism of the cartoon movie’s plot and structure; also discusses history and background of the classic literature.

CNN Entertainment Movies: EDtv – Comedy Tarfets Sudden Fame, Guy Named Ed

Provides discussions on the significance of the film and its characters, particularly to the actors and actresses who played the roles.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Lame ‘Mod Squad’ Remake Limps Into ‘90s

Briefly summarizes the film’s plot and talks about its quality, including the presentation and the actors in their roles.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Myth Meets Internet in ‘Matrix’

Highlights plot and the attributes of the movie, such as its special effects and overall impact on the viewers.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – ‘Doug’s First Movie’ Drawn Out for Big Screen

Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the book’s plot and style.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – ‘Ravenous’, Well Done, But Not Really Good

Presents critical view on the film, discussing the actors involved, the musical scoring, and the plot itself. Also contains photos and articles.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – Tune In, Turn On to ‘EDtv’

Contains brief summary of what the featured film has to offer to moviegoers, such as its plot, the actors, and its significance.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Reviewer – Watches ‘True Crime’ Grind to Slow Death

Presents the critic’s comments and observations on the particular film. Also contains study of the story, the characters, and the theme.

CNN Entertainment Music: Pop Princes Britney Spears Sets Out to Conquer Music

Condenses the life story and the career of the teenage singer that was compared to Madonna, an icon in pop music.

CNN Entertainment Music: XTC’s Orchestral Maneuvers Out of the Dark

Announces the comeback of the male singing partners after a period of silence in the industry. Includes background of the group and their accomplishments.

CNN Entertainment ShowBuzz: Showbuzz – March 26, 1999

Provides various articles that discuss the lives and struggles of actors, actresses, and other television personalities. Also presents photos and transcription of interviews.

CNN Entertainment Television: Johnny Carson ‘Doing Just Fine” Following Heart Surgery

Relates the condition of the talk show host and provides background of the celebrity’s life as well as his struggles.

CNN Entertainment Weekly: Producer’s Notebook – Even in Person, Leonard a Storyteller

Relates the reporter’s encounter with the acclaimed producer in an exclusive interview. Also contains list of other articles related to the topic.

CNN Showbuzz: The Buzz that Was - March 1999

Contains indexed news reports on the issues and controversies of known actors and actresses. Also presents photos and interviews of the celebrities.

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