July 1999 CNN.com Entertainment News in the Best of the Web Directory

July 1999 CNN.com Entertainment News

CNN Entertainment Movies: Commentary – The Wane of Critical Thought

Discusses the significance of film critics in the development and improvement of the quality of movies released to the public audience.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – Roberts Runs Away with Hearts

Promotes the romantic comedy film by narrating the summary of its plot and describing the performances of actors and actresses portraying the roles.

CNN Entertainment Music: Bree Sharp Owes Her Fame to A Secret Agent Man

Features the work of female musician who admits to having David Duchovny of the X-Files television series, as inspiration to first song.

CNN Entertainment Music: Kubrick Film a Good, Good Thing For Isaak’s Career

Provides biographical sketch of the artist, particularly in the development of his career as a musician.

CNN Entertainment Music: Police Investigate Alleged Rapes At Woodstock ‘99

Assortment of sex crimes during the musical event reported to the authorities and are looked into for legal proceedings.

CNN Entertainment Television: Mfume – ‘Virtual Whitewash in Programming’

Explores resolutions made on the shows previewed on TV with regards to racial issues.

CNN ShowBuzz: Showbuzz - July 29, 1999

Tracks events of various Hollywood personalities on their projects, activities, and controversial issues.

CNN Worldbeat: From Gospel to Zulu, WOMAD Captures World Music

Information on the musical group’s lineup of songs and career accomplishments.

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