April 1999 CNN.com Entertainment News in the Best of the Web Directory

April 1999 CNN.com Entertainment News

CNN Entertainment Movies: ‘Idle Hands – A Post-Columbine Test of the Movie Market

Promotes the comedy and horror of the film and provides transcription of a television interview with the main star of the project.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Disney Takes On Former Studio Head

Discusses legal proceedings taken against the management of the said company. Includes photos and profile of complainant.

CNN Entertainment Movies: Review – The Low Art of Entrapment

Presents a critic of the film, plot, and theme. Contains articles and photos taken from the scenes of the movie.

CNN Entertainment Music: Jazz Festival Plans Commemoration for Trumpeter Al Hirt

Commemorates the memory of the musician who specialized in the particular field. Includes photo, video, and articles.

CNN Entertainment Music: Nation Remembers Duke Who Made Swing the Thing

Dedicated to the memory of the musician who made the particular genre, accepted and loved by American society.

CNN Entertainment Music: Rick Springfield Has New ‘Karma’

Highlights the comeback of the rock star and former matinee idol into the music scene.

CNN Entertainment Television: Bravo, Say Moore Fans – For Telling ‘The Awful Truth' in the US

Promotes the novel ideas the director in producing documentary-type films that answer to the many idiosyncrasies of society.

CNN Entertainment Television: Teen TV, Reckless of Responsible?

Discusses the issue of promoting violence in television shows for the particular audience. Contains list of related articles and sites.

CNN Entertainment Weekly: Producer’s Notebook – Use Your Imagination

Focuses on the creative producer-director tandem. Also discusses the duo’s latest film, EDtv.

CNN Entertainment: Showbuzz – The Buzz that Was

Enumerates short clips describing events in Hollywood and the film industry.

CNN ShowBuzz: Showbuzz - April 30, 1999

Compiles articles discussing various issues and controversies celebrities faced during the time period.

CNN Worldbeat: Westerhagen Lauds Fans After 20 Years of German Rock

Profiles the male musician’s career and lists recognitions awarded for his work. Also provides audio clip and links to related sites.

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