January 1998 CNN.com Tech News in the Best of the Web Directory

January 1998 CNN.com Tech News

CNN Computign Story Page: Action Game Roundup

Discusses the popularity of adventure-themed computer games. Includes photos and related links and articles.

CNN Computing Story Page: Calling All Movie Buffs on the Web

Promotes services of providing copies of films that are sold through the Internet.

CNN Computing Story Page: Jagger’s New Job – Web Cricket Commentator

Contains background of the rock star’s other career in the world of Sports. Contains related links and details on his accomplishments.

CNN Space Story Page: America Online Starts Digital City New York

Details event launching of company’s Internet services in the area. Includes information on offered innovations to consumers.

CNN Space Story Page: Astronaut Wolf Returns to Earth - Eager for Pizza

Presents return of the exploration team after four months of studying in outer space and contributing to the country's research program.

CNN Space Story Page: Compaq Expects Solid European Growth in ‘98

Overview on the computer company’s growth and technological development in the particular time frame.

CNN Space Story Page: Deep Space 1 and 2

Profiles NASA’s invention in its aim to further science exploration that was set to launch in 1998; also provides details on its construction.

CNN Space Story Page: First Module of New Space Station Rolls Out

Features technological invention of Russia in its aim to study outer space. Also contains background of the developments accomplished.

CNN Space Story Page: International Space Station

Profiles technological innovation launched in outer space for the study of modern inventions at the experimental stages.

CNN Space Story Page: John Glenn Returns to Space

Presents the astronaut’s travel into space after making man’s first step in the moon; also includes photo and profile.

CNN Space Story Page: Mars Global Surveyor 98

Overview on the modern innovation that was made to study the particular planet. Displays expenditures the government spent for its construction and operation.

CNN Space Story Page: Soyuz Capsule Docks with Mir

Overview on the success of a landing operation that safely delivered additional crew into the space station.

CNN Space Story Page: Wolf Climbs Out of Shuttle to Smell of Pizza

Presents arrival of the team of astronauts from their stint at the Russian space station in outer space. Contains photos, videos, and links to related articles.

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