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January 1998 CNN.com Political News

Another Odd Episode from Lewinsky’s Love Life

Presents situation wherein the intern was previously involved in. Includes her background details and links to related articles.

Another Odd Episode from Lewinsky’s Love Life

News report attempts to give the public a view on what kind of person Monica Lewinsky is through past indiscretions with law and authorities.

Babbitt Forcefully Denies Wrongdoing in Casino Decision

Reports issue on corruption against the United States official. Details his defense in opposition to the charges.

Boxer Looks Stronger in California Senate Race

Reports the status of political candidates in the particular state. Also discusses the chances of other candidates in the area.

Casino Decision OK, Lobbyist Tells Burton Panel

Contains discussions regarding the Casino controversy and allegedly influenced the results of their application.

Charlie Trie Indicted

Discusses the case tried before the courts of the United States regarding the corruption and illegal activities behind the funding of a political party of the said government.

Clinton Plays Golf Near Presidential Retreat

Briefly relates the effects of the president’s controversial affair with a White House intern named, Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton Takes His Message beyond the Beltway

Relates content of speech made by then United States president.

Court Order Expanding Starr’s Inquiry Released

Contains decision of legal proceedings made for the investigation of charges against then United States President Clinton.

Forbes Wins a Straw Poll

Reports possibility of wealthy publisher to run as president of the United States. Includes articles and sites related to the subject discussed.

Goldberg Says She May Release Tapes of Conversations with Tripp

Contains supposed proof regarding the controversial affair between former President Clinton of the United States and intern Monica Lewinsky.

Indictment Against Trie Outlines Fraud, Obstruction

Details charges made against Charlie Trie for different violations of the law, specifically the unlawful fund-raising to help a political party.

Investigating Clinton

Compiles public opinion and views related to the undergoing process on the presidential scandal.

Judge – Secret Service Agents Do Not Have to Testify

Furnishes discussion that forbids the testimony of the president’s security employees. Involves reports on the effect of this decision by the courts.

Judge Strips Lewinsky Material from Jones Case

Reports update on the use of results gathered from an investigation made from the controversial affair between President Clinton and Monica.

Judge’s Order Scrambles the Odds

Reports development on the case against then President Clinton, which was filed by Paula Jones. Includes photos and links to related articles.

Keeping Score in the Lewinsky Matter

Provides advice and guidelines in verifying reports made on President Clinton’s extra-marital affair with a White House intern.

Ken Starr’s Law Firm Subpoenaed by Clinton Lawyers

Highlights legalities and background of the presidential love affair with a White House junior staff. With links to related articles.

Lewinsky’s Lawyer – Tripp Wasn’t Privy To Any Clinton Call

Narrates another angle of news coverage on the development of the controversial affair of the US president.

Pandora’s Web? – Clinton-Lewinsky Allegations Fuel Debate

Focuses on media’s issue with the readily available Internet that competes with newspapers and televisions in delivering up-to-date news stories.

Poll – Stop Probing Clinton-Lewinsky Allegations

Provides results of poll taken by Americans regarding the issue and investigation on President Clinton’s controversial affair. Includes list of related articles and links.

Poll – Too Much Lewinsky Coverage

Contains discussions on how the presidential scandal was treated by the media and the readers’ reactions regarding the issue. Also contains news reports related to the issue.

Republicans Speak Out On Clinton Controversy

Contains summary on the political party’s comment regarding the controversial Presidential extra-marital affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

Second “Near-Miss” Involving Air Force One

Reports an accident that could have involved the official aircraft of the United States president. Also contains feedback from government agencies.

Starr b. Clinton – More of Your Mail

Provides copies of letters made by the publication regarding their opinion on the controversial situation that the US president has involved in.

Starr’s Subpoena Carefully Crafter, For a Reason

Details updates on the legal proceedings that involved the intern-lover of then President Clinton. Includes links to related articles.

White House Scandal at a Glance – January 29

Enumerates progress of the court's action taken against President Bill Clinton, also involves his alleged intern and lover, Monica Lewinsky.

White House Scandal at a Glance: Jan. 30

Summarizes events that discuss the latest updates on the controversial affair of the president with an intern in his office.

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