January 1998 CNN.com Health News in the Best of the Web Directory

January 1998 CNN.com Health News

CNN Books: Hormone May Be Weight-Control Breakthrough

Presents article discussing the benefits and side-effects of the theoretical significance of hormones in controlling weight.

CNN Health: DEA Seeks Medicinal Review for Marijuana

Highlights the issue of Marijuana’s danger to society, specifically results of studies and side effects.

CNN Health: First ‘Test Tube’ Hermaphrodite Reported

Details possible side effect to fertility processes, especially for those who have undergone therapy.

CNN Health: New Study Suggests Caffeine – SIDS Link

Proposes possible cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome attributed to pregnant women’s intake of caffeine.

CNN Health: Pesticide Risk in Baby Food Debated

Discusses the dangers of specially formulated food with possible contamination of several poisonous chemicals to infants.

CNN Health: Study – Destructiveness of MS Cuts Nerves in Two

Presents breakthrough on the dangers of Multiple Sclerosis according to results of extensive research made.

CNN Health: Study – Extra Weight Increases Hypertension Risk in Women

Connects the possibility of heavier females to be candidates of high blood pressure problems.

CNN Health: Study – Insecure People More Likely to Suffer Second Heart Attack

Delves into the odds that personal attitude may cause second incident of heart attacks.

Study Links Secondhand Smoke to Artery Damage

Posts results on the recent study that links the effects of smoking to passive smokers like Atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries.

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