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Georgia Newspapers

Albany Herald

Find daily local and national news, sports, special features, classifieds, resources and columns.

Alma Times

A source for local news, sports obituaries, classifieds and legals.

Atlanta Buckhead

Includes information about the community newspaper.

Atlanta Business Chronical

Latest local and national business news, featured jobs, featured businesses, features and classifieds.

Atlanta Jewish Times

Find news and events of interest to the Atlanta-area Jewish community. Cover story, arts and life, calendar, community, letters, news and features and classifieds.

Atlanta Latino

Find coverage of interest to the Atlanta-area Latino community. Provides both Spanish- and English-language versions.

Augusta Chronical

A source for news, sports, business, entertainment, living, marketplace, weather and classifieds.

Banks County News

Features local news, classifieds, sports, opinions, obituaries, and public notices. Includes coupons and subscription information.

Barrow County News

Winder-area news, sports, classifieds, opinion and weather.

Baxley News-Banner

Provides top headlines, features, editorials and opinions, classifieds and legals.


Published in the interest of the Fort Benning community.

Berrien Press

Offers Nashville-area local news, church, schools, sports, classifieds and weather.

Blackshear Times

A source for local news, obituaries, classifieds and legals.

Bryan County News

Covers Richmond Hill-area news, opinions, columns, events, announcements, sports, classifieds and weather.

Cairo Messenger

Offers local news, editorials, sports, classifieds, legals and obituaries.

News source for the Catoosa County News in Ringgold and the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette. Includes news, sports, business, lifestyles and opinion.

Charlton County Herald

Folkston news, minutes, legals, trains, sports and weather.

Cherokee Ledger-News

Covers Woodstock local news, letters, classifieds and weather.

Cherokee Tribune

Offers Canton-area and world news, opinion, classifieds, entertainment, state park information, features and weather.


Find Fayetteville news, sports, opinion, churches and classifieds.

Claxton Enterprise

Provides Claxton-area news, classifieds, recreation, legals, events calendar, the public voice, medical and weather.

Clayton News Daily

Find Clayton County news, sports, community links, opinion, classifieds and weather.

Clayton Tribune

A source of local news sports, opinion, finance, announcements, obituaries, calendar, legals, health, entertainment and weather.

Clinch County News

Find Homerville news, classifieds, legal notices and links.

Columbus Times

"The Minority Voice Speaking Out -- We Record Positive History Every Day." African-American paper provides local and world news, calendar, sports, religion, arts and entertainment, religion, education, health and fitness and job opportunities.

Commerce News

"Covering the Heart of Northeast Georgia." Local news, sports, classifieds, features and weather.

Covington News

Find local news, sports, opinion, calendar, obituaries, classifieds and public notices.

Dade County Sentinel

Find Trenton-area top stories, calendar, classifieds, obituaries.

Dahlonega Nugget

Offers local news, sports, obituaries, editorials, classifieds and weather.

Daily Herald

Coverage of McDonough and world news, sports, community, opinion, classifieds, entertainment, finance and weather.

Daily Report

Coverage of Atlanta-area business news, public notices, court calendars and classifieds.

Daily Tribune News

A source of Cartersville-area local news, sports, obituaries, features and classifieds.

Dawson Community News

Dawsonville-area news, sports, classifieds, weather and opinion.

Dodge County News

A source for Eastman-area top stories, classifieds and weather.

Douglas County Sentinel

Look for Douglasville-area news, sports, obituaries and classifieds.

The Douglas Enterprise

A source for local and world news, sports, opinions, classifieds, special sections, obituaries, and weather.

Dunwoody Crier

Provides news, sports, classifieds, features, business, classifieds and weather.

Elberton Star and Examiner

Covers local news, sports, obituaries, births, calendar, weather and classifieds.

Fannin County Special

Bonham-area local and national headlines and information, PDF sections, special features, lifestyles, community news and local links of interest.

Fayette Daily News

A source for local news, sports, legals and classifieds.


Athens news and entertainment, arts and events calendar, music calendar, movies, guide to Athens and classifieds.

Franklin County Citizen

Local Lavonia news, sports, calendar, family, classifieds and weather.

Gainsville Times

Local and world news, sports, opinion, community and classifieds.

Georgia Bulletin

The newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Georgia Informer

An African-American paper covering Macon news, sports, business, entertainment and special features.

Grayson Gazette and Community News

Community news, sports, entertainment, classifieds and local information.

Griffin Daily News

Local news, sports, classifieds and links.

Gwinnett Citizen

Front page, classifieds, upcoming events, business, speak up and editorials.

Hartwell Sun

Find local news, sports, calendar, opinion, weather and classifieds.

Herald Leader

Fitzgerald local news, calendar, sports, classifieds, weekend rambler, opinion and weather.


Barnesville local news, sports, new arrivals, law enforcement, obituaries, public notices and classifieds.

Jeff Davis Ledger

Hazlehurst news, sports, editorials, letters, calendar and weather.


Zebulon-area news, announcements, law enforcement, public notices, classifieds and weather.

Marietta Daily Journal

Offers in-depth coverage of local new, sports and events.

Metropolitan Spirit

"Augusta's Independent Voice." Features, opinion, metro beat, arts, cinema, events and music.

Metter Advertiser

Offers local news, opinions, sports, legals and community calendar.

Miller County Liberal

Covers Colquitt-area news, obituaries, classifieds, legals, calendars and weather.

Monticello News

A source for local news, sports, weather, columns, features and classifieds.

Morgan County Citizen

Find Madison-area news, features, sports, business and editorials.

Moultrie Observer

Covers local and world news, sports, opinions, classifieds, special sections and weather.

Newnan Times-Herald

Local news, weather, classifieds, sports, calendar of events and opinions.

News Observer

Provides Blue Ridge-area top stories, sports, opinions, obituaries, community, calendar and classifieds.

Newton Citizen

Covington-area news, sports, features, obituaries and classifieds.

North Georgia News

Look for Blairsville local news, sports and community calendar.

Northeast Georgian

Coverage of the Cornelia area, including breaking news, business, education, opinions, sports, financial, classifieds and weather.

Oconee Enterprise

Covers weekly local news, obituaries, sports, opinion, and lifestyle. Includes photos.

Pickens County Progress

Covers Pickens County local news, sports, people and classifieds.

Robins Rev Up

Published by Robins Air Force Base, 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs. Provides PDF of each issue.

Rockdale Citizen

Conyers-area headline news, sports, features, obituaries, weather, classifieds and community links.

Savannah Morning News

Covers local and world news, sports, classifieds, opinion, columnists, celebrations, weather, obituaries, business, diversions, city guides, chat forums and community.

Savannah Pennysaver

Offers classifieds and event calendar. Includes business profiles and coupons.

Savannah Tribune

An African-American paper with local and national coverage, social/community, religion, features, editorials, sports, health, weather and classifieds.


Official newspaper of Kennesaw State University. Offers campus and world news, sports, viewpoints, features and weather.

Telfair Enterprise

A source for McRae-area news, classifieds and legals.

Thomasville Times-Enterprise

Covers local and world news, sports, opinions, obituaries, classifieds, weather, special sections and public notices.

Tifton Gazette

Find local and world news, sports, opinions, classifieds, special sections and public notices.

Times Courier

Ellijay-area local news, features, sports, editorials, letters and classifieds.


Find Carrollton-area and state news, sports, obituaries and classifieds.

Toccoa Record

Covers local breaking news, business, education, elected officials, letters, obituaries, opinion, sports, entertainment, financial, health, classifieds and weather.

Tribune and Georgian

A source for St. Mary's local news, classifieds, legals, obituaries, weather and calendar.

True Citizen

A source of Waynesboro local news, editorials, sports, obituaries, fields and yields, people, classifieds and weather.


Provides coverage of Milledgeville, with news, sports, features, weather and classifieds.

Valdosta Daily Times

Covers local and world news, sports, business, opinions, obituaries, classifieds and weather.

Walton Tribune

Monroe-area news, sports, weather, features and classifieds.

Waycross Journal-Herald

Find local news, sports, opinion, features and classifieds.

West Georgian

Newspaper of the State University of West Georgia in Carrollton. Campus news, opinion, arts and entertainment, sports, links and weather.

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