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Arden's Sydney Magazine of Politics and General Literature (1843)

Online archive of scanned pages, featuring volume articles about Arden's Sydney magazine of politics and general literature in 1843.

The Atlas (1844-1848)

Scanned archive gallery of Sydney Australia's weekly journal of politics, commerce and literature in 1844 to 1848.

Australasian Odd Fellows' Quarterly Magazine (1845)

Presents scanned archived articles of all 48 pages of the 1845 Australasian Odd Fellows' Quarterly Magazine.

The Australian and New Zealand Monthly Magazine (1842)

Offers a scanned page archive spanning six issues of this early colonial periodical which dealt with social conditions, emigration and immigration.

Colonial Literary Journal and Weekly Miscellany of Useful Information (1844-1845)

Offers a PDF archive housing 208 pages from the 40 journal editions published between June 1844 and March 1845.

Democracy at War

The Canadian War Museum's archived collection of more than 144,000 newspaper articles, collected from Canadian newspapers during the Second World War. In French and English.

Dispatch (1842-1844)

The Australian Cooperative Digitization Project presents news content from 1843 to 1844.

Library of Congress: Newspaper Archives, Indexes, and Morgues

A repository of newspaper archive sources on the web; indexes that are typically older, local, and sometimes very specialized; and newspaper photograph morgues from the prints and photographs division. Includes many links.

Looksmart FindArticles

Free access to articles from various publications including news, magazines, and references that cover an extensive range of topics.

Melbourne Times (1842-1843)

Holds archive of 394 pages scanned from the first 117 editions of this paper spanning April 9, 1842 to December 29, 1843.

Melbourne Weekly Courier (1844-1845)

Archival page scans from editions 1 to 65 (January 6, 1844 to March 28, 1845) of the newspaper. Title then changes its name to The Melbourne Courier.

Mirrorshades Postmodern Archive

Newsy archive of dead-media related things, including catastrophe, crime, virtual war, and gopherspace.

Museum of Broadcast Communications

Provides searchable archives of television and radio programs, newscasts, commercials, and other related media.

New South Wales Examiner (1842)

Page archives of the semi-weekly publication, in print for 69 editions from April to October 1842.


Official site of the interactive museum of news. Offers an extensive collection of news history, exhibits details, and museum information.

Newspaper Museum in Collinsville

Celebrates the founding of The Collinsville News in 1899, with links to museum details, contents, and research services.

Local newspaper search engine providing results from over seven hundred cities and millions of articles.

Rag Linen

Find first drafts of history with this online museum of historic newspapers. Includes an extensive library of resources.

Readex America's Historical Newspapers

Publishes many of the most widely used collections of primary source research materials in academic libraries; a division of NewsBank, Inc.

The Sentinel (1845-1848)

Formerly the Colonial Observer, this weekly paper ran from January 1845 to September 1848. Site holds gallery of page scans from each edition.

The Star and Working Man's Guardian (1844-1845)

An archive holding scans of two years of editions.

Sydney Free Press (1841-1842)

A biweekly previously published as the Free press and Commercial Journal. This site hold page scans from July 1841 to June 1842.

Sydney Protestant Magazine (1840-1841)

Scans of 318 pages from edition 1 to 10 of this weekly publication.

Sydney Record (1843-1844)

Provides a page gallery of 208 scans from editions 1 through 27 of this weekly publication.

Teetotaller and General Newspaper (1842-1843)

Formerly published as The Temperance Advocate and Australasian Commercial and Agricultural Intelligencer. Offers page scans from 89 editions of this weekly publication.

The Temperance Advocate and Australasian Commercial and Agricultural Intelligencer (1840-1841)

Printed and published for John Fairfax by James Reading. Site holds page scans from 65 editions of this weekly paper.

Transdiffusion Broadcasting System (TBS)

Nonprofit historical organization created to document and preserve broadcasting history.


National Library of Australia's collection of historic newspapers, images, books and archives.

The True Sun and New South Wales Independent Press (1844)

Page scan of volume 1, Number 39, originally published by Henry Evers.

Voice of Jacob, or, Hebrews' Monthly Miscellany (1842)

Contains 24 page scans from the three editions of this publication that had "private circulation" from May to September 1842.

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