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Photojournalist Galleries

  • Andrea de Martino

    Presents her shots covering community situations while traveling in Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Germany and others.

  • Brodey, Robert J.

    Collates photographic portfolios, writing guides, and contact details of the US-based photojournalist.

  • Calzada, Billy - Shades and Shadows

    Explores the career of the artist. Shows work portfolios, essays and award list.

  • Chris Rainier

    Documentary photographer that specializes on capturing the disappearing tribes and cultures remaining in the world. Presents a variety of picture archives for display and ordering use.

  • Edwards, David

    Features prints of Mongolian culture, landmarks, and people.

  • Elderfield, Jonathan

    Compiles the project portfolios of the artist. Also shows list of recommended resources.

  • Fracchia, Dino

    Showcases photos from the Bosnian War. Also shows images from other wars and political events.

  • Franks, Phil - Philm Freax

    Archive of photographs covering the 1960's hippie-era.

  • Freire, Carlos

    Contains the portfolios and contact details of the Brazilian born artist.

  • Funari, Richard - Photo Brazil

    Collates the photo galleries of the photographer covering images of street children, Amazon devastation, and labor exploitation.

  • Georgiou, George

    Features photo-essays of wars in Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey and the Balkans.

  • Grabowski, Christopher

    Offers private tutorials on the aspects of photojournalism. Shows project galleries, personal bios, and contact details of the artist.

  • Iddon, Jack - A Photojournalist's Gallery

    Features the photo archive of the freelance photographer and shows resource links for photojournalism topics.

  • James A. Bowey

    Describes the photographer’s personal background with an archive of his works and prints.

  • James Pomerantz

    Images that mostly focus on human rights and social issues. Also has a biography of the photographer, contact details and references of related links.

  • Jones, Daf

    Explores the lifestyle of the wealthy through the picture collections of the photographer.

  • Jones, Ian

    Showcases images of the British Royal family and international celebrities.

  • Kaplan, Marion

    Archive of travel images that includes landmarks and tourist attractions of Brazil, Chicago, Africa, and Mexico.

  • Kaye, Rod

    Contains service details, personal biographies, and contact details of the photographer.

  • Koren, Ziv

    Shows project portfolios, publication lists, and movie highlights of the artist.

  • Kraft, Brooks

    Posts photos primarily on military and legal topics including Air Force One, portraits of George Bush, and US Marine personnel.

  • Lana Slezic

    Compilation contains words and images from the photographer’s jobs across the globe. Her works also cover Afghanistan landmine women, US Canadian border towns, Croatia, and Jerusalem.

  • Laurent Piolanti

    Paris based photojournalist showcasing various archive of image works mostly black and white. Contains portfolio of collector’s masterpieces available for online marketing.

  • Michael Craig

    Compiles several categories of his artistic works including beautiful sceneries of Vanuatu and Palestine. Olive oil grappling, fridge and football images were also showcased.

  • Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski

    Archive of photographs, exhibitions, interviews and travels. Presents inclusive biography, recent news, and essays regarding the photojournalist.

  • Noel Chenier

    Features the photojournalist’s achievements and pictures of daily life scenes, sports events and news reports that he took shots.

  • Paul S. Amundsen

    Showcases pictures of news and human subjects taken by the photographer. Includes featured stories as well.

  • Radhika Chalasani

    Displays news and print sales archive. Includes the New York based photographer’s career profile and travel pictures.

  • Scott Ramsey

    Showcases portfolio of creative series of reportage photographs of corporate personalities, wedding moments, social events, and the like. Includes contact information, referred links, and a short biography.

  • Silvia Randan

    Displays a gallery, sorted by different countries, that contains images of the nation’s landmarks. Also includes BBC picture-coverage, biography and contact details of the photographer.

  • Steve Raymer

    Collection of photos usually pertaining to cultures of Russia, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. Provides links on published and recent works, contact details and photojournalist’s profile.

  • William K. Daby Photo Journey

    Provides a brief biography and contact detail of the photojournalist. Exposes his works in his photo galleries.

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