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Photojournalist Galleries

Andrea de Martino

Presents her shots covering community situations while traveling in Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Germany and others.

Brodey, Robert J.

Collates photographic portfolios, writing guides, and contact details of the US-based photojournalist.

Calzada, Billy - Shades and Shadows

Explores the career of the artist. Shows work portfolios, essays and award list.

Chris Rainier

Documentary photographer that specializes on capturing the disappearing tribes and cultures remaining in the world. Presents a variety of picture archives for display and ordering use.

Clark Shadows

Showcases various galleries of images regarding politics, news, sports, expeditions, and personal creations of the photographer including other subjects.

Edwards, David

Features prints of Mongolian culture, landmarks, and people.

Elderfield, Jonathan

Compiles the project portfolios of the artist. Also shows list of recommended resources.

Fracchia, Dino

Showcases photos from the Bosnian War. Also shows images from other wars and political events.

Franks, Phil - Philm Freax

Archive of photographs covering the 1960's hippie-era.

Freire, Carlos

Contains the portfolios and contact details of the Brazilian born artist.

Funari, Richard - Photo Brazil

Collates the photo galleries of the photographer covering images of street children, Amazon devastation, and labor exploitation.

Georgiou, George

Features photo-essays of wars in Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey and the Balkans.

Grabowski, Christopher

Offers private tutorials on the aspects of photojournalism. Shows project galleries, personal bios, and contact details of the artist.

Iddon, Jack - A Photojournalist's Gallery

Features the photo archive of the freelance photographer and shows resource links for photojournalism topics.

James A. Bowey

Describes the photographer’s personal background with an archive of his works and prints.

James Pomerantz

Images that mostly focus on human rights and social issues. Also has a biography of the photographer, contact details and references of related links.

Jonathan Barth

Presents a variety of photo compilation regarding portraits, clubs, travel and people. Also features publications where his works are published including Food and Wine and Forbes among others.

Jones, Daf

Explores the lifestyle of the wealthy through the picture collections of the photographer.

Jones, Ian

Showcases images of the British Royal family and international celebrities.

Kaplan, Marion

Archive of travel images that includes landmarks and tourist attractions of Brazil, Chicago, Africa, and Mexico.

Kaye, Rod

Contains service details, personal biographies, and contact details of the photographer.

Kocho-Schellenberg, Alexandra

Collection of reportages and images of Russia, US, UK, and Turkey.

Koren, Ziv

Shows project portfolios, publication lists, and movie highlights of the artist.

Kraft, Brooks

Posts photos primarily on military and legal topics including Air Force One, portraits of George Bush, and US Marine personnel.

Lana Slezic

Compilation contains words and images from the photographer’s jobs across the globe. Her works also cover Afghanistan landmine women, US Canadian border towns, Croatia, and Jerusalem.

Michael Craig

Compiles several categories of his artistic works including beautiful sceneries of Vanuatu and Palestine. Olive oil grappling, fridge and football images were also showcased.

Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski

Archive of photographs, exhibitions, interviews and travels. Presents inclusive biography, recent news, and essays regarding the photojournalist.

Noel Chenier

Features the photojournalist’s achievements and pictures of daily life scenes, sports events and news reports that he took shots.

Paul S. Amundsen

Showcases pictures of news and human subjects taken by the photographer. Includes featured stories as well.

Radhika Chalasani

Displays news and print sales archive. Includes the New York based photographer’s career profile and travel pictures.

Scott Ramsey

Showcases portfolio of creative series of reportage photographs of corporate personalities, wedding moments, social events, and the like. Includes contact information, referred links, and a short biography.

Steve Raymer

Collection of photos usually pertaining to cultures of Russia, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. Provides links on published and recent works, contact details and photojournalist’s profile.

William K. Daby Photo Journey

Provides a brief biography and contact detail of the photojournalist. Exposes his works in his photo galleries.

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