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Music Photographers

  • 20th Century Boy

    Shows an extensive series of the collector’s anthology of creative photographs that features several performers and genres. Plus list of exhibition portfolio.

  • Alyssa Scheinson

    Presents a wide variety of images that pertain to theater, concerts, portraits, editorial, and comedy. Band archive, links, testimonies, and contact information displayed.

  • Ami Barwell

    Presents details about the photojournalist enclosing a prologue, list of clients, and band archives. Features albums and directory of live, press shots and portrait images.

  • Angel, Jorgen

    Features the various pictures of music artists including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Yardbirds.

  • Angela Hubbard

    Photo gallery compilation of portraits and live performances of various famous artists and performers. Includes short biography and contact detail of the photographer.

  • Bach, Stephan

    Offers photographic services for band concerts, promotional events, and portraits. Shows project portfolios and contact details.

  • Bailin, Kylie

    Contains the photographer's images of concert events and promotional highlights.

  • Cañellas, Gerardo

    Focuses on collecting photographs of the Jazz Voyeur events paying tribute to the music culture and the bands within it including Miles Davis, Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins and Chet Baker.

  • Carlisle Rogers

    Showcases music and entertainment publicity that includes image gallery of several categories, and various featured articles. Also has search tool for quick access.

  • Clifford, Danny

    Compiles photographs and images of famous musicians including Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Iron Maiden, Dire Straits, Status Quo, Sam Moore and Paul Carrack.

  • Cornelison, Mark

    Posts photo galleries of the photographer that covers music and sports topics.

  • Dustin Rabin

    Presents a variety of portrait and performance shots for album artwork, and publicity uses. Photographer’s profile, contests, and contact information included.

  • Emma Porter

    Extensive picture portfolio celebrities, live music, and promotions. Order and reservation information, related links, and mailing list included.

  • Eric Johanson: Boston Rock Photos

    Showcases an image collection of various well-known personalities as well as live performances coverage across the globe. Also has a photographic profile, from childhood to present days, including pictures of his collected guitars.

  • Graham Smith

    Showcases music photograph presentations. With updates on exhibitions and archive.

  • Halin, Steven

    Offers music photography and CD design services pn the New York City area. Shows project portfolios and contact information of the artist.

  • Hans Abry

    Features a compilation of photo gallery of various band artists and jam sessions. Also has a brief profile of the publisher, updates on recent advancements, and a directory of links and inquiries.

  • Image of Folk

    Compiles pictures of musicians and performers from the American Folklife Center at the Library Congress.

  • Janet Reid Boltz

    Contains a variety of categorized photos that include animals, places, flowers, music and other arts. Recent updates on events, links, and contact detail provided.

  • John Byrne Cooke

    Showcases several photo galleries, which include rock and roll personalities, landmarks and coastal views, and members of the committee.

  • John Robert Rowlands

    Photographic display of picture prints of the entertainment industry specifically the rock and roll genre. Relevant links, email, and biography information included.

  • Jonathan Doyle

    Contains an optimized browsing tool for quick tour of the photographer’s works, which include portfolio of latest images, live and portraiture rock music coverage, and wedding, among others. Contact reference and related links are included.

  • Katherine Blackwell

    Shows classified photos of mostly band groups in eastern state of Australia. Includes index of acknowledgment and related band sites.

  • Katrien Schuermans

    Contains archive of concert coverage pictures, related tags for quick browsing, profile information. Also has optimized search tool.

  • Künzler, Bernhard and Theresa

    Compiles live photographs of Jazz musicians. Also shows resources and links of the music genre.

  • Lisa Law

    List of chosen photographs of distinguished group band and personalities all available for online purchasing, in either archival silver or digital prints.

  • Maryanne Bilham

    Contains several photos that come in portrait and album cover collection for artists and performers. Also features exhibits of heavenly visuals and commercial plug-ins.

  • Mick Rock

    Picture gallery of various band artists, and known personalities. Includes sample interview videos, reviews, contact detail, and link resources.

  • Otto Kitsinger

    Extensive artist index of performance photo captures of various artists and performers. Contains selected clips and credits, photographer’s profile and contact detail instructions.

  • Paul Harness

    Displays a collection of selected published photos in various magazines, live festival pictures of different band groups and nightclub coverage. Contains news, information and relevant source links.

  • Paul Slaughter

    Portfolio of images made available for fine arts prints and editorial usage, mainly architectural graphics, people portraits, and international tourist spots.

  • Photographs by Dana Frank

    Showcases a wide series of photo exhibits and album covers of well-known bands and celebrities. Includes information about the photographer, related links, and upcoming events.

  • Pics Live

    Offers a collection of images taken while in concerts of selected well-known entertainers. Also provides reviews on commentaries and shows, purchasing information, and a short profile of the photographer.

  • Richard E. Aaron

    Provides an extensive list of rock and roll photograph collections, sorted by artist’s names. Includes online purchasing and a contest trivia.

  • Robert Knight: Rock Photography

    Photo compilation of several well-known featured entertainers from around the world. Also have gallery sale information, contact and relevant links.

  • Robert Pronk

    Features project portfolios of the photographer from concert coverage, mixed images, fashion portraits, and appearances. Contact information contained.

  • Scott Gutierrez

    Showcases portfolio of assorted image captures that include portraits of several band groups, people, places, equine, and animals. Also has a comprehensive photographer’s biography.

  • Sherry Barnett

    Showcases the photographer’s profile in years of picture making as well as collection of colored and black and white images of prominent personalities.

  • Terry Cryer

    Presents the photojournalist’s masterpieces that include galleries of several artists, usually in black and white.

  • Zeljko Kardum Photography

    Collection of pictures pertaining to famed personalities, family, and landscapes. Also provides short profile and contact inquiry regarding the photographer and his works.

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