Satirical and Humorous News Columnists You'll Love to Read

Humor Columnists

  • Brennan, Angie

    Features humor columns, cartoons, and spoof advice on a wide variety of subjects including current events, food, computers, and more.

  • Carline, Gayle

    Compilation of stories and articles about the author's career, family, and social life.

  • Danny Gallagher

    Contains compiled articles and featured items of the author. With links and archives.

  • Dave Glardon

    Presents author’s columns, satirical articles, bibliography, and updates.

  • The Humor of Melvin Durai

    Writer and humorist's site offering original articles, email list, feature stories, and related links.

  • Josh Freed

    Presents an article that details on the profile of the writer, schedule of column features, and summary of achievements. With articles, books, and films of humorous theme.

  • Long Island Sleuth

    Exposes on various defects and inconvenience of household products. With archives, links, and pictures.

  • Lyndsey D Arcangelo

    Showcases short stories, novel works, creative articles, poetry, and columns of the writer.

  • The Mad Dog Weekly

    Weekly humor column that has been published in a number of newspapers including Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • Marry Hanna

    Showcases archives and columns of the author that express satirical mood of everyday life experiences. With online shopping for books and reviews.

  • Progressive Revelations

    Author, Greg Gagliardi, presents his archive of columns and articles. Includes information and links.

  • So She Said

    Contemporary writer accounts on the modern women portraying that of the traditional culture. Theme expressed by the author centers on humor.

  • SteynOnline

    Newspaper style news commentary with a humorous twist.

  • Tim’s Family Room

    Compiles articles, stories, and reviews on parenting and family issues. With archives for editors, pictures, and contact information.

  • Tom Purcell

    Syndicated op-ed humor column. Site includes column archives, comments, cartoons, and related links.

  • Write Jay Write

    Highlights reviews and analysis on fiction and column articles of the author.

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