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Information in this category for kids and teens explores the systems and units used to figure out the size, quantity, or volume of an object or group of objects.

In the United States, the most common system is called U.S. Customary and its units include yard, pint, and ounce. The rest of the world and the scientific community, uses the International System, with units that include meter, kilogram, liter.
  • Convert-me.Com

    Features downloadable measure units converter. Flash demo provided.

  • Kids Math Games

    Provides an interactive game to measure teddy bears for elementary pupils and teachers.

  • Measurement Worksheets

    Contains printable working activities for 1st graders to identify the correct estimation on English and Metric systems. Also includes logical puzzles.

  • Measuring Angle and Distance with your Thumb

    Presents ways and tips in using body parts to estimate expanses.

  • MegaConverter 2

    Educational and research resource designed to facilitate multiple units of measurement conversions.

  • Metric Conversion Tables

    Free resource for users providing some static metric conversion tables and charts to do online metric unit conversions.

  • Metric Conversions Chart

    Provides modifications from metric to standard measurements for length, area, volume, mass, temperature, illumination, force and pressure.

  • Temperature Converter

    Features an interactive conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius and vise versa. Includes other related links for sources.

  • Unit Conversion

    Interactive calculators to convert common and rare measurements, including mass and weight.

  • Worldwide Metric

    Presents an interactive metric conversion calculator for length, weight, pressure, temperature and volume.

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